Protest to new update 1.7!


I’ve always said that a better way of going about weakening stronger herors is by buffing counters. With a game like this nerfing heroes inherently hurts players who have invested in them. If they want to balance out Quorra and Baymax buff shield breaking abilities and disks like Dash/Violet and Rex. Shank is also a direct counter to Quorra with her low hp pool making the scaling max HP% hurt less and her damage negation per hit.

I’m okay with the curse nerfs but feel 50% is too little to make a difference. Personally I would’ve gone with 75% but that is neither here nor there.

The skill cost and hero experience changes are straight foolish regardless of how much they are. The supposed “inflation issue” is a non issue. Millions of gold and thousands of xp drinks keeps disappering with every hero introduced and even maintaining a roster of 15-20 heroes is a pain. Which once again is exacerbated by now having nerfs to heroes a vast majority of players have invested in that are made weaker now. It’s something that boggles my mind as to how they think will be a good idea. I’d love to view the data/algorithms that allowed them to come to that conclusion.


Already 15 people asked me how to process a refund. You have to contact apple and tell them the game doesn’t treat you right. That the customer service isn’t good and that they ignore your comments. Apple will refund you 3 months right away. Google play is harder. You can also reverse the transactions through your credit card company. That will also hurt perblue.

I’m going to investigate this, raising gold/xp costs is the straw that breaks the camels back. I’m pretty sure if I do commit to getting refunds I’ll get banned…but since I’m on the verge of quitting I don’t really care anymore.

Stop being so damn greedy perBlue. Raising costs while ignoring many other issues the game has, it’s absolutely absurd. Our guild has suffered considerable losses in the last 2 weeks due to the stale state of the game and your crazy ideas to ‘re-balance the economy’.


I support you
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I agree. This nerfing and the gold/xp issue is simply ridiculous and lots of people I know have stopped playing already when they saw the update patch


No that’s a tarible idea to the new update is awesome dude


I Agree, Gold and XP left? only if it is for those who use Hack and spend all the salary in the game (not even 5% of users), it is ridiculous to even the game only for the minority


Perblue postpone this „update“ !


I see no reason why they should postpone it. They just need to cancel raising skill and exp costs. And really, it’s not the end of the world (for me) if costs go up.


What the hell does ‘nerf’ mean? Didn’t know you needed a special language to play games. I thought degree level English would be enough.


Nerf typically refers to reducing one aspect of a character such as damage or durability. I’ve always believed it be comparing with giving a character a baseball bat and then taking that away for a Nerf bat.

Buff is the opposite in improving a characters aspect(s). It’s fairly standard game terminology but may be foreign to those who don’t play a lot of video games.


I actually don’t know what everyone is complaining about - however, if a character is to be nerfed - then i think everyone should divert their eyes to shank.


Why Shank?
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Have you battled a high level shank yet?


I’ve yet to see anyone use her, and mine’s still in the 40’s at one star.


100%, she is far more broken than Quorra ever was. Well maybe on par with light-cycle exploit Quorra.


Shank has high damage and can negate 100% of all damage thrown at her. She can literally solo a strong team when maxed. Shes my 2nd strongest hero, and I love her, but she needs a nerf

Back on topic, this update signals the end of my spending in DH:BM. Until they listen to us, I’m not giving them any more. Might even go for full refunds if they keep making it worse.


Thanks, I haven’t seen anyone talk about her. I suppose I should start working on her as well.


She will probably get nerfed by the time you max her though.


Shank is not broken.
She can be very easy take off by high damagers.


The funny thing about all this is, they said people hoard gold yet they have gold offers 2 days in a row. Make up your mind Per Blu.