Protest to new update 1.7!


I think they are nerfing wrong heroes. Baymax tia are used heavily against ursuala and mal lines. Now they are way way more op. If they was balancing it Ursula mal tia baymax nerfed slightly would make sense but just tia baymax is a bit stupid.


As for gold it always goes up what needs to happen is better ways to earn more gold and a cap on it like dragon soul. Also xp pots ways of earning more of them but I’ve never seen a cap on them in any game. Not sure why you would do that.


So wrong. At least for Baymax. This hero has no other significant skill. So, no, he was not among the best heroes already. Everyone chooses heroes to support and use for one reason or another. Nerfing the hero after all this effort is like mocking us directly.


Please keep discussion about the 1.7 update in one thread. Thanks!