Queen of Hearts & Fix-it Felix in Heist

Can anyone explain why Queen of Hearts and Fix-it Felix are so useless against Brutes in Heist? Even at easy level, and with their red skills unlocked and leveled up, they are unable to defeat Brutes.

Yeah, because none of them deal Fantastic damage…


Ah, thank you

While The Queen of Hearts cannot deal Fantastic damage, she instead can deal True damage with Rex’s Disk, thus allowing her to deal with Brutes in Heists.

Only if they are at 20% of their Max HP :man_shrugging:

Actually, with Rex’s disk “Off With Their Head” always deals some True damage; the question becomes whether it’s enough damage to take care of the Brute before time runs out.

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On its own, Off With Their Head! can only Stun, Shuffle and Instant KO enemies at 20% of their health.

As @Jody_Caviness said (not to mention my in depth guide on the Queen of Hearts), however, with Rex’s Disk, “Royal Ride,” Off With Their Head! gains another attribute, that being the ability to damage enemies via True Damage.

If properly leveled, the Disk should be more than enough to deal with Brutes before the time runs out, especially considering that True Damage deals raw damage and cannot be reduced, and the fact that Brutes generally don’t have high HP pools

At the end of the day, worst comes to worst, you could always call for backup during Heists

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