Question about Yax

All Level 102, Orange+1 to Orange+3, Skills on Max Lvl 102, D&B, K&S and Mushu 4-Star and Mulan and Meg 3-Star

Both Disks for Meg, working on a disk for D&B

What is this team for?

Campaign and Arena

What league in Arena? This should be good for until Gold 1 and maybe some of Platinum. This is only from my assumptions though. There could be a difficulty drop or increase.

Arena Plat 5

On June 30th I’ll buy Randall and Li Shang in their shops…

I wanna work on Shang then

Haven’t been there. But these should be good enough to win a few games. :slight_smile: I think it’s worth a try.

Right. At the moment I win a lot of fights since I replaced Herc with K&S

Which shops can I buy them from? Which server are you on?

Randall comes to Arena Shop
Li Shang comes to War Shop

Thanks! Who will Li Shang replace in the war shop? Is it Jasmine?

Server 22 here.

Look at Shop Refreshes here:
Update 2.1 Patch Notes

Pity that Jafar, Timon and Pumbaa, and Facilier are being taken out. Wanted to get more Stars for them. Especially Jafar.

Yax has very decent spells
He scales badly and squishy very squishy
Thats his only weakness
Overall i would say he is average but overshadowed heavily by superior options

There are soo many useful supports that offer more than just heals and also less squishy

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This seems accurate. I think it’s possible to build a team where his red skill and friendship disk (probably with Finnick, though someone might make good use of the starting slowdown of Frozone’s disk) would make him useful, but it would be tricky, and it would probably require putting mods on (and getting red skill chips for) Yax that other heroes might make better use of.

Wasn’t this post about Yax once? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes. :slight_smile: Funny how the topic changed.

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