Questions for PerBlue: December 2020

When will Kevin Flynn get a refresh @Polaris? Because he needs it a lot and I see potential in him… so please PB give him a really good refresh he deserves.


Will we be getting the original three Princesses(Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella) any time soon?

Can we get an expansion to Invasion, where groups other than the colored teams get a boost? There’s a few different ways heroes that don’t do a lot of damage normally can be boosted to help them defeat the boss.

Could we maybe get a special bonus invasion that runs just on Sundays? Since it would be a very limited event, maybe the rewards could be increased beyond normal. Possibly even adding in non standard stuff like badges, hero and red skill chips, etc.

Kim was worshipped because she was announced a year ago… nothing… nothing… nothing… YAY, she finally came… quickly all realized she is a load of garbage instead of being good.

Ain´t. It´s meant to kill the enemy with the least HP, typically a support, surely not a tank. And my Cheshire deals 14.8M damage, while even the most buffed support has 10M health.

One. Cheshire doesn´t have to hit a backline with the skill. The least HP enemy can be mid or even front.
Two. Add a hero with more basic damage than Cheshire (easy with Ha disk on him) and Maximus is bye bye.
Three. Bunsen? How? You mean the copies? Then they will be killed with the white.
Four. Disgust? Ehrm okay if you think. Not really his counter though.

What level and rank are you precisely? Also, yes any shield prevents damage, that´s what it is meant for. Invincibility and Reflect usually fail to protect after some time.

Those questions won´t be answered.

At this point it could have had come back entirely lol.

There are far worse characters that need refresh. While K.Flynn is not meta, he´s very good.

Same as two responses above. They won´t respond to the “IS XY COMING” type of questions. Imo it should be directly mentioned to not ask about characters.

One day Invasion? NO.

That is a cool question, although I would like to see certain teams by franchise boosted.


Exactly? :sweat_smile:

Though I can agree with everything else

Questions, I have questions:

  1. We just got some new guild perks, but just one consumable perk for guild crates and 3 expansions for existing contest perks, which have already been purchased. On the whole, those perks felt more like a stopgap measure to give guilds something to buy while a more permanent solution is being developed. Are there more perks in development, or is that something that’s at least being discussed?

  2. Heist hasn’t been changed at all since the three new difficulties were added this past February, and hasn’t had a significant change since the addition of Accomplices, Bodyguards, and Second Wind in early March, 2019. Is there any chance that we might see some further changes to this mode in the future to shake things up? Could we at least have the option to leave a heist if no other heroes have been active over the past 60 seconds or so?

  3. Several months back, Polaris mentioned the possibility of making the City Watch Reset reward from Challengers Arena/Coli into a consumable item, so we could use it at our discretion instead of having to use them right away to get any advantage from them. Is this in development, or at least possible?

  4. One of the most promising changes of this past year has been the scaling of various rewards and offers to at least partially reflect the increased costs of the most recent levels/ranks. There is one area that’s so far been overlooked, though: the daily hero XP rewards in Arena/Coli, especially in Challengers. Right now, if you finish in first place in your challengers division, you get 3 Mega XP bottles, good for 4500 XP, or 0.2% of what you need to level up a hero that’s around level 210. Is there a chance those rewards might get boosted to the point where they aren’t, well, utterly pointless?

  5. MMR matchmaking for war is mostly sound, except for guilds ranked roughly 6th to 12th; those guilds have to face the top 5 guilds for the majority of their battles in most months, and because of how power always gets concentrated at the top of the rankings, they’re all but certain to lose every one of those battles, making it extremely difficult if not impossible to reach Legendary until their MMR drops out of the top 12. Has there been any discussion about how this problem could be addressed?

Thanks for your time, and for the work you put into the game!


Easy solution. Change the matchmaking to only bring guilds inside of the tier.

So that if you are a top guild at Platinum, you can’t get those top guilds in Legendary.

As the game says “Win lots of XP”. Imo it should be proportionate to at least give one level near current cap (so in the range of what 211-215 need) in XP.

This would be even a great Consumable Guild Perk. So pleaaaase and I am curious on that one as well.

Since 2021 is the year of the ox, will we be getting heroes from the movie Home on the Range like Alameda Slim and the three girls (Mrs. Caloway, Maggie and Grace) @Polaris?
And yes I understand ox and cows are somewhat different


What can i do to word my questions a little differently? We only have until the Thursday deadline to submit questions so i want to make sure my questions make sense and have a chance at getting answered.

You could put it like “Have you thought on making characters on X franchise” or something like that. Be creative with your questions!


Will Elsa’s Frozen iconic snow queen dress return to the game? I missed Elsa’s first appearance so much when I started playing Disney Heroes Battle Mode last October.


Since next year is the 10th anniversary of the fantastic TV film Phineas & Ferb Across The Second Dimension and also since next year looks to be quite the promising year (fingers crossed).

So, will we be seeing our favorite genius brothers and their pet platypus coming to this game, @Polaris? Also, our favorite L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N pharmacist wouldn’t hurt either, lol.

After all, it’ll be summer, man. Where do we begin?

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  1. What makes you determine what perks to release next? And when? And can they be released more often?

  2. If one is based on stats of players in game, can you be more transparent in showing these stats somewhere, maybe on here?

  3. Any future game modes/features like a reverse world storyline, spin the wheel for rewards, a racing feature to feature rc car or car characters, way to store xp once reached cap for next level increases , etc.

  4. Can there be a way to make suggestions straight to developers as opposed to support or on here? No acknowledgement or corporate robot lines are not assuring , or at least a reasoning why wouldn’t work be appreciated.

  5. If someone is chat silenced for being reported , is there a way to say what exactly was said wrong bc feel people just report happy and a lot of times people are actual being reported for pity reasons or people saying far worse things in chats and aren’t reported.

  6. Can the resources /badges gain either be more proptional earned in campaign/hiests etc or costs dropped significantly with increases needed less often?

  7. thoughts on just allowing all players heroes be hired mercs with no level hire above restrictions ?

8.Thoughts on allowing only one guild per war season for variety? Also allow war win crates after reaching legendary? Or maybe a three guild at a time war and everyone gets rewards each time but different ones depending how they place?

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In the State of the Game post Power Creep was addressed, however from what I see Resource Cost Creep like ever growing Stamina costs wasn’t addressed at all and wondered if you at PerBlue could lay out what your plans are for keeping Resource Cost Creep more in check?

I wrote a fair amount of the stamina and badge related question in the community Discord question sheet file, so I would really like to hear how the ever growing Resource Cost Creep for stamina costs will be handled now that a new Rank Color is coming soon as well which might mean even higher costs in general than we have now.


I, personally, would really tone down the earlier chapters cost. That would make the Red badges at least able to bear. And Orange.

Consider you need 200 raids (100 when having double drop effect) to craft a single 50-bit badge… that´s 1 bit every 2 raids.

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I’ve seen a few others suggest this, but I’m not sure how it would improve matters; it would just mean pretty much all the people who are able to keep up with level cap increases would just automatically reach any new level cap as soon as it’s introduced, and keep adding more surplus team XP as the game progresses. How much good would it do to keep collecting a resource that can’t be spent? Perhaps excess team XP could be converted to hero XP or gold or something, so all those who hit new team level caps within a couple of days can get more usable resources for their effort.

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O I agree, but hey I just say something for it weather it be stored for later or converted to something bc it just seems like a waste for a lot of players it seems in long run,

Any plans to make vip chat a guild perk like war chat? This way you are not making vip a f2p thing :joy: people who get this perk can have access to this chat. Name of the perk VIP CHAT. Make the cost 1M guild influence if you want since influence is of no use for some guilds.

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No. More spammers will be able to access the chat


But That Would Help Alot FTP
and Help those whose Theorem Reach, Fyber etv doesnt work.

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If all F2Ps had access to the VIP then it wouldn’t be a VIP chat. It’d just become a second global chat.

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