Questions for PerBlue: December 2020

Post your questions here and we’ll do our best to answer them next week!


These questions can be about anything correct?

Anything related to the game, yes.


Will some of the old heroes be in shops anytime?


Yay! Another Q&A!

I have some questions for the devs:

  1. Is it possible if recent heroes can be refreshed? Because there’s a “datamined” hero I want to be refreshed.
  2. It it possible to have characters from shows like Gravity Falls or Phineas & Ferb to become playable in the future?
  3. What’s your plan for the game in 2021?
  4. How is Lightning ROB doing?
  5. What is your favorite character in DHBM?

Please answer them and thanks


Finally! Here my questions from las Q&A!

  1. Are you going to add new features in the future? Like more than 3 waves per fight or something like ports but with consumables items or a merge feature where you get a basic badge free every x time and you can get badges merging them, a crafting feature for exp bottles or energy points to batteries… The options are huge!
  2. And about have new consumables? Would be nice have new items like 1/2 energy required for campaing/elite during 24 hours, x2 items on ports, x2/x3 energy points with diamonds, Speed/strong/healing… Booster for City watch during 24h…
  3. Would be easy to add a guild inventory where ppl can donate invasion boosters for whatever who need them? There’s a point where weaker members cant continue and their boosters would be more useful for the stronger members.
  4. Diamond Crates Lvl, we will see their lvl increased some day?
  5. Now the Live Action of Little Mermaid is being recorded have you thought about Ariel’s Concept? If Yes we will see her in mermaid form, in human form or a mixed concept like Evil Queen?
  6. Surely the answer is no bc Tinkerbell is already in the game as skill but how about add characters from disney fairies franchise? This franchise has six movies, one tv show and lots of shorts plus books and her own magazine so would be nice have toons from this franchise
  7. How do you decide which character will be just one, a couple or trio and In this 2 year have you thought about a toon of more than three (like the muses from hercules) and then discarded that type of toon?
  8. Last One! In the last years have been discarded toons that you never mentioned? Which ones?

Hope you answer my questions I love this Q&A’s!

New q&a!


  • Will there be any new characters this month?
  • Any new game modes planned?
  • How many princesses will be included in 2021?
  • Plans for any new Pixar characters?
  • When did dhbm start development?
  • Will more live action characters come
  • Will you continue to add characters because of remakes?
  • Will more Disney channel characters come
  • Will Cheshire be nerfed?
  • Will basil be buffed?
  • Why was there no villains in October
  • Will there be any future duo characters?
  • New loading screen?
  • Will there be a training game mode?
  • Any planned refreshes?
  • Is Ron stopable coming to the game?
  • Is Madame Medusa coming?
  • Trials shop?
  • Port shop?
  • Mickey refresh :yum:

I have many, many many many questions.

  1. The Vault was a feature removed long ago. Any specific reasons as to why it was removed? And if it may ever return?
  2. I have been seeing many unnecessary words in recent heroes’ skillset when they can be summarized in one to three words, meanwhile older heroes’ skillsets are more straightforward. Why has this changed?
  3. Are there any chances for characters from Disney shows from 2010-Now to come to the game? Such as Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb, Wander Over Yonder, etc.?
  4. Stamina consumption is one of the biggest issues of the game. Are you guys willing to fix this? And how will you fix it?
  5. Event maps? That’d make the game more interesting.
  6. How was Basil crafted? Are you guys planning to refresh him?
  7. Cheshire… when will his head deal significantly less damage?
  8. Zurg refresh? :pleading_face:

That’s cool that the Next Q&A is on Thursday! Though, I may not be able to be there live, I’d like to post these questions:

  1. Do you guys plan on refreshing or adding new features to the Heist soon? I’ve noticed that Heist isn’t as great as it used to be due to the fact that less people are using it.

  2. How do you guys decide on who to refresh?

    2a. Do you guys plan on doing more polls in the forums in the future so we can choose who we’d like to see refreshed? I especially like when you guys do this since it lets the community voice be heard

  3. Are there any plans to make it easier to get and craft badges like reducing gold and stamina needed?

  4. Are there any plans for new game modes in the future?

  5. Any plans to fix the broken match making systems in war on the servers?

  6. Now that all characters have red skills, are there plans to make them less expensive? 10 million coins needed to unlock one is ridiculous imo.

  7. Any plans to add more guild perks? The 2.5 update was nice, though I don’t think the new perks were enough.

  8. Any updates on the new rank after Red?

It’ll be nice if someone could put my questions in the Live Chat next week or if someone has the same questions as me since I hope I can get these questions answered! I’ll probably edit this over the next few days as more questions pop up in my mind. Thanks again for this Q&A! :slightly_smiling_face:


Overall I would like to know more about the design process that goes into creating different aspects of the game. I am an aspiring Disney Imagineer, and I love to know about various forms of design and storytelling.

  • What is the process for creating a hero for the game?
  • What is Disney’s role in the process of designing a hero and all that comes with it?
  • What is PerBlue’s role in the process of designing a hero and all that comes with it?
  • Where did you get inspiration from for the story behind the game?
  • Besides the movie or franchise they come from, where do you get inspiration from for a hero’s skillset, especially if they are not the fighting type?
  • What have been (and are) some of your favorite franchises that you have or want to add to the game?

I know these are loaded questions, but it would be great if you would take the time to answer them :slight_smile:


I mean,there are Tarzan badges

  1. Are there several designing teams in PerBlue? I mean, some characters look more rounded, like in the movies/shows(Jumba, Sadness, Kim), while others get much more corners(Pleakley, Kristoff, Belle). I know there are characters who was designed by Disney that way, such as Kida or Jim Hawkins, but some were not.
  2. About characters coming in the game next year, will you focus on intellectual properties you already used or add characters from other movies/shows?
  3. Refreshes. How exactly do you decide which character is going to get a refresh? Is there a chance that we’ll be getting more of them? Or at least stat/skill boosts?
  4. Any plans for new Guild Perks soon?
  5. Why we got no villains this Halloween? Since Yzma I was just waiting for the moment, but… :cry:
  6. Sometimes you add more badges from some specific movies/shows. Why exactly do you do that and does that show chances of characters to come? I mean, some have a lot of badges, some have just a few.
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Hi! Here are a few Frozen questions :grin:

• Anna seems like the most obvious choice for a character to add next. What’s going on with her?
• I just have to ask: was it a clever reference to the film that Fear is a counter to Elsa? Or just a funny coincidence?

Anyways thanks for the Q&A! You guys are doing great with the game!


OMG I didn’t even think about that second point! That’s clever, intentional or not.


My question extends on this: Is there a specific process to deciding WHEN a Hero gets added to the game? Like specific events or movie releases, or something?

Question time:

  1. Are the heroes limbs attacked or not, because I found a weird frame of kronk and it looks like the legs and arms aren’t attached And just laid under him. here is the image:
  2. Will there be any heroes from modern shows (gravity falls, phineas and ferb, ambihbia, owl house, big city greens, etc)
  3. Will there ever be a new type of crate exclusive hero?
  4. What hero do you most want to make?
  5. What hero was the hardest to make (skillset)
  6. How do you design a hero?
  7. Is there any concept art of a hero for the game (if so can you share it)
  8. Is there an upcoming hero you are excited about? (Don’t have to state name of hero but a yes or no will do)
  9. Did any heroes have different skills before being added to the game
  10. Are there any plans to add live action characters (not from the remakes but from movies such as who framed roger rabbit)
  11. Are there any heroes who have been canceled or scrapped mid development (if so who were the heroes?)
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I have a question that has been nagging at me for quite sometimes. So, far we have seen characters from Disney’s animation canon Pixar and the Muppets. We are all aware that Marvel and Star Wars characters are off the table for upcoming heroes.

But what about character from disney theme parks? Are you going to make heroes out of people like Figment or Madam Leota anytime soon?

They said it’d be too difficult in a previous Q&A I believe

Since last Q&A Kim Possible was finally released! Hurray.

However, it’s clearly visible that her damage and stats are from May 2019 (the first time she appeared in game’s data) and it’s making a huge impact in game, she doesn’t have much chance to stand against new or even older heroes.
Kim (damage hero):

Older hero - control:

Older hero - damage:

Older hero - tank:

Could Kim Possible receive a boost in stats or increased damage to her skills? It would be very appreciated.

Another problem is how Basil’s lack of armor negation and/or evasion/tenacity is killing him, as well his purple skill which blocks the use of green, blue and red skill, as he keeps spamming his active; normally it would be a good thing but he keeps targeting invincible heroes like Hades or Brute.
It would be good if his purple skill would instead granting him armor negation which would increase by skill level and his white skill removes all buffs with every 5th dart. So evasion from badges would be welcomed as well.
Everyone talks about how Basil is bad since release and nothing was done to make it better, pretty disappointing.

A different problem is how badges are given to heroes, just as Basil is lacking armor negation/evasion, some heroes really missing reality negation - here is the link to the thread which includes list of the heroes, mainly Vanellope, an old which is missing reality negation.
Vanellope also didn’t receive from almost a year any fantastic crit even though all of her skills deal fantastic damage, it hurts the balance even more as she is old hero and her HP isn’t the highest.

On other hand, some heroes receive normal crit even if they don’t deal any normal damage; such as Joy, Jack Skellington or Fear.

Why some of the earliest heroes released with poorest stats as Ralph, Yax, Vanellope or Woody never were refreshed, and hero like Dr. Facilier received full refresh, even if his situation wasn’t like Basil’s or beta heroes? It doesn’t help with balance at all.

Hero upgrading

Badge farming is a big catastrophe, will the cost of stamina required per node in campaign reduced to 6 from 14/12/10/8? It will make badge farming much better.

Will the amount of stamina bought from diamonds will be increased? The scaling with current needs is way too low and poor.

Recently skill chip scaling was released, but it’s still not enough, it was increased from 35 to 70 (on old servers), while these servers need now 5.5k skill chips to max A SINGLE RED SKILL and this will increase by 500 skill chips per each cap rise.
And if not chip scaling, then reduce the number of keys required to start epic CW from 35 to 20.

Is there some plans to improve hero chips farming?
It would be nice to have a new shop which would be selling only chips for old heroes, or add 4th slot to each shop which would give chips to older heroes like Yax, Hiro, Joy…

Any plans to release characters from UP? (Dug, Russell and Carl) It’s one of the best Pixar movies and it’s still missing :frowning:
Any plans to release more TV characters like Don Karnage, Della Duck, Bonkers, Mabel, Perry?
Any plans to release more live-action characters like Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 or Narnia?

Will gold rank(s) or whatever the colour is of next rank will give some new source of power like red ranks has given? I have one idea and community seems to like it.


We in the community Discord server for Disney Heroes created these questions together, as such there are a lot of people who have been a part of creating all these questions and hope we all hope these questions can lead to Disney Heroes becoming a better game overall :-).
DHBM Q&A: Community Discord’s Question List

We understand answering all these questions might be a bit much, but at least replying with that the feedback is being considered or noted is okey. Though if possible actual information on if the QoL improvement related questions if they are possible would be really appreciated :-).

There might pop up some questions in this file later before the 17 December as we come to think of more questions, so be aware of that. We can mark them with (New) maybe so it is easier for you at PerBlue to spot the new questions.

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