Questions for PerBlue: December 2020

Exactly. Compared to Damage heroes and Control heroes (separately), that’s little. Same goes to tanks. There are few of them.

I like how first you say it’s not for suggestions and then try to sneak in your own suggestion disguised as a question. :slight_smile: Cheshire is fine as is. His skills are essential to progress through game on many modes. Leave him alone. Older characters could indeed use some buffs.

On a side note, these questions about who will be released or refreshed are meaningless. As the game dev said in February live chat. They can’t be confirmed, few hints may be given and that’s it. Same with refreshes. They take time away from important questions.

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I have two more questions.

  1. I like city watch and surge but I see the same teams all the time, full of Mulan or Ian or Max. We have 130 heroes released so is it possible to make each creep team unique?

  2. MMR in guild war is really unfair. If you get too high, you end up facing top 3 guilds twice in a season and you may miss out on season’s end rewards. It’s literally smarter to lose some fights to lower MMR. I know it takes a long time to make big changes to war but is it possible to make a quick fix so you can only face the same guild only once per season?

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He’s really not. He can be very problematic.



I have him at 3 stars btw

His head stand deals more damage than Belle’s Max HP. (Both at 6-stars).
Now enough of Cheshire, this is supposed to be questions to Perblue, there are already enough questions relating Cheshire.


Any questions?

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What website is that?

That is wakkatu.

Oh boi, you are so wrong. Cheshire´s Head Stand maxed kills maxed characters single-handedly. High damage and high reality negation = unavoidable. I mean, it would be ok if he had been able to kill most supports but he can kill almost everyone.

Proportionally, there´s not. It´s like saying that out of the 40±ish Damage and Control characters, more than 10 should be viable. They´re not.
That´s why 5-6 out of 22 is ok, for now. If the viability % changes for all types of heroes, it can change for Supports as well.

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Thank you for this useful comment and derailing the topic.
I practically never see people complain about the kitty in the game, only here. I see the same people complain here on the forums about certain characters they want buffed or nerfed every chance they get. Kim is another example - worshipped on the forums, obscure on my server. You don’t represent the whole playerbase.

Which is how it’s supposed to work. It’s supposed to make unkillable high HP, high-armored heroes killable. And even that can’t kill Slinky once he gets his shields up.

Reflect heroes, Max, Bunsen, Disgust and some others will kill Cheshire single-handedly. I don’'t see you complain.

Perfectly avoidable by heroes with reflect/invincibility/slinky shield/certain other skills.
And you can easily CC him before he even uses the head.

Repeat That? 90% chance to evade is Easy?
Huh? So Low Percentage

People Here are from Game

In my server Kitty is praised!
Whom To Upgrade? Everyone says Go Go Cheshire as He is OP.
He needs a drastic nerf or We need a new hero as his counter.

Coming Soon

but we represent a part of playerbase.
And Our Say is Nerf Cheshire


Are you going to add more original Pixar heroes like Up, Lightning McQueen ,?
Are you going to add new places and missions?
Are they going to eliminate competitions like they did with the infected and friendship points?

Why do you say Datamine? You’re asking these questions to the devs themselves, so just ask if they’re planning on making those characters instead of asking if they’re going to be datamined.


Oh, could we know the story of Kim-Duke friendship campaign, it was removed (thanks Goofy) and it would be nice to know what was this friendship about.


Algún día van a regresar los hilos para los disfraces de algunos héroes ? porque yo si lo necesito. Espero que me respondas @Polaris

No soy Polaris, pero ya habían respuesto esa pregunta antes y la respuesta es no. Si quieres los hilos de heroes te pueden aparecer aleatoriamente en las cofres cosméticos.

te pueden seguir saliendo en cofres de aspecto pero la probabilidad es baja

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