Radical Emmet Extreme (First Concept)

Hello everyone, and welcome to my very first concept! I had a poll to see who will be first, and rex was the top pick so here we go!


Hero Name: Rex Dangervest
Role: :star2: :star2:Damage
Position: Middle
Trial team: Blue
Hero desc: Rex is one tough cookie who uses his master breaking skills to destroy the enemy lines.
Hero quote: “The name’s Rex. Rex Dangervest”
Entrance: Gets dropped off by the rexplorer
Victory: Punches the sky
Defeat: Drops to the ground
Attack: Shoots laser gun

White skill: Master Breaker (TRUE Damage)
Rex slams his fist into the enemy lines, dealing xxxxx damage and stunning enemies for 5 seconds.

True damage ignores armor and reality. The stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level xx.

Green skill: Rexplosion (Fantastic Damage)
Rex calls in the rexplorer to shoot a missile at the farthest enemy, dealing xxxxxx damage.

Blue skill: Raptor Trainer (Normal Damage)
Rex summons some raptors to stick to enemies for 6 seconds, dealing xxxxx damage with each bite.

Purple skill: Tough Team
Rex grants his allies xxxxxx basic damage.

Rex/Woody (98)
Raptor Roundup/More Raptors
+Skill Power
Rex summons 2 more raptors to stick to enemies for x more second(s).

Rex/Buzz (94)
Intergalactic Adventure/“Rexplosion” adds AOE and Stun
“Rexplosion” adds xxxxx splash damage and stuns enemies for X second(s).

Making this concept was hard because I was on my tablet. So don’t expect this to be high quality. Also, I just realized that Rex’s Friends are toy story character and technically LEGO is also a toy. Kind of ironic.

I may have done bad, you can sin this so I can improve for my next moveset. My next character which I’m excited for is going to be Mr Game and Watch! See you soon!

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