Raid button for invasion boss

A raid button is highly needed for invasion bosses. Fighting an invasion 2500+ times one at a time is a joke. I can’t even imaging how many it is for higher/ stronger accounts. I get bored and quit playing the have because of it not to mention loss of loot because of ranking. You SERIOUSLY need to patch a raid button.

You know you can do Quick Fight, right? It clears all 10 stages available; look to the left and click the button so you can use that over and over.

Not for the stages for the boss himself

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This would be amazing, one button to raid 1000 breakers… :clap: wow

It’s already possible to get all the tier progress rewards in Invasion with a few minutes’ work to, at most, an hour’s work over the course of the week. So the only reason to want to make it easier and quicker to beat bosses would be to improve one’s rank at the end of the week (“not to mention loss of loot because of ranking”).

One problem, though: if it’s easier for you to beat invasion bosses, it’s also easier for everyone else around you in the standings. It doesn’t make it any easier to advance in the standings, it just makes the final scores higher for everyone.

If you want the extra hundred thousand mod power per week, you’ve gotta earn it. :man_shrugging:

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Oh, I didn’t see that. Sorry.

Ha I made this suggestion earlier in year and got no acknowledgment for it either lol….

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