Randall ruins Friendships

Not only does he try to ruin the friendship between Mike and Sulley, he now tries to ruin everyone else’s friendships too!

When going through the Dr. Drakken/gizmoduck friendship campaign (second level of 1st chapter), there is a lvl 216 R18 Randall that destroys any semblance of balance. Same with the Manticore/Mushu campaign, chapter 1 episode 5 (lvl 193)

Just in general, Randall is not well balanced for friendship campaigns. Between the long lasting invisibility, high damage and dodge, and the revive clearing all debuffs, there are many friendship campaigns that cannot get past him. If there is no precise or similar options, he can ruin friendship campaigns similar to how Sally did pre-nerf.

Wanted to see about getting feedback about Randall in friendship campaigns and if there’s any balancing issues around it or plans to look into it.


Randall is annoying in this game but I like him overall!

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Oh I have no issue with Randall overall, the only issue is in friendship campaigns when you can’t choose characters to handle Randall’s mechanics. In every other game mode Randall is fine to go against, no issues at all.


I usually die to Randall in the campaign.


Level up Robin Hood’s red skill and he’ll be your new best friend. Or use Cheshire Cat.


Thanks for the tip!

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Don’t forget Scar, Simba & Nala (instant and longer Charm, and no way for it to fail), to name a few.

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Unless you’ve got someone like Zeus(Ha), Baymax(Ol), or Mad Hatter - with high enough red skill, on your team.

This is why I wish that instead of being assigned specific allies in friendships, they’d just let us choose one.


Every hero ruining Friendship Campaigns is just… the result of bloated buffs… @TheGrillFather.

I did want every hero to be useable, but not in waves. Thoroughly.
And the buffs with each season just don´t do that as mentioned by many people here - it just bloats the stats higher and higher and higher.
The question is till when? If now the heroes can get trillions of HP from disk (while getting only billions to tens of billions from base stats), if they can deal tens of trillions of damage or give shields with tens of trillions of HP.
What is the limit?
Or will we seriously just continue this trend even more till the point the non-refreshed heroes just die cause… billions will face quadrillions HP/shield/damage? Or quintillions?


Thank you for your feedback. We will be slowing down hero refreshes now that this season of Patch will complete all available franchises except the Wildcards. We’re discussing and planning ahead for 2024 to figure out the power creep problem. I hope I can get more info to everyone before the year is over with a State of the Game post. I cannot promise an overnight solution, but I would just like you to know that this feedback is heard and being worked on.

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But they will still get refreshes and patches next season?

Not like that is even good. By the end some heroes just didn’t even got chance. Like Finnick, Nick, Gizmoduck, Aladdin.


I don’t want to promise that they will be included in Patch as that is something that would need some changes on our end to make work. We have a lot of plans for the near future that we hope will help the QoL of the overall game as we tackle things one by one.

In terms of Randall as a blocker in friendships, I wanted to ask if anyone thought yesterday’s hero power-up/Supercharge Event for the Nightmare Before Christmas heroes helped with friend campaign progression involving those heroes at all? These are short term ways we can help alleviate these blockers, if you all might find it beneficial if we did hero power-ups more often, rotating across different batches of heroes.

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Hard thing to say as there is really no way to tell if it will be enough to overcome.

Also please can be all heroes with Fruitful Revenge disabled in Matchmakings of Franchise Trials?

I was really triggered when bugged Sarah dies but Fairy Godmother still KOes a hero thus preventing a 3* clear.
It either outright doesn’t work as intended (KOes a hero regardless - which means heroes with it should be shut off in any mode) OR it bugged out with bugged Sarah.


A Y12 Hopper destroyed my E1 Jack Skellington even when I turned on Power-up event :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

My friend tried Drakken-Gizmo friend campaign and for blocked by Randall too. His Drakken was Y0 (I know he is weak) but Randall was at Red rank. And yet, he got stuck …

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If you guys want to stop with refresh, at least refresh the ones you guys skip at previous patch season @TheGrillFather

It is not fair for those who missed it and never got the chance to actually be useful…or used


All refreshed heroes with Invincibility, Invisibility, Berserk, and Reflect should be removed from friendship campaigns (as enemies). Maybe revive too.
Including any new hero for like 6 rotations.

This way friendship would become easier, as it’s always only enemies which you can’t target or new heroes.

Or more brutal, just add creeps (and only them) and remove all infected heroes as enemies.
You could even buff creeps as they are a big joke. 5M HP at max is sad joke.

Creeps examples: Ninja, Brute, DOT Troll, Ghoul, Mage, Rapscallion, Coldsnapper, Purrickly Pear, Hoverbot and more. They would be enough.

But definitely not refreshing heroes will just make things worse, after new hero this is main thing to look after, without that it will be just boring.

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And to add, Randall is only issue in these friendship campaigns and event trials because we’re limited to only selected heroes.

Outside like PVP he isn’t an issue at all, still strong, but have plenty counters. So he doesn’t need nerf, just to be removed as enemy in PVE.
Scar, Dante, Davy Jones, Mike, Sally should be removed as well.


I don’t believe that a supercharge would work to help alleviate the concern for Randall, and let’s use the Dr. Drakken/gizmoduck friendship as an example.

My lvl 400 Y5 Dr Drakken with most skills maxed can slow Randall at the start of the wave in order to survive the 20 seconds of invisibility he gets at the start of a wave. Then I am able to one shot him, but the revive clears the slow and then invisible Randall is able to hit me to death.

After looking, it doesn’t appear that gizmoduck or drakken get any form of precise from patches, abilities, or disks. I could work on upgrading gizmoduck like crazy to be used in only this campaign, but because of the stat differences even building up gizmo really high means nothing as Randall will still be able to one shot him with his stats and invisibility.

A stat double does nothing to address the fact that neither character will be able to touch Randall for the first 20 seconds and then need to survive enough to kill him twice, the fact alone that a lvl 400 yellow 5 character that can deal damage cannot solo a lvl 219 friendship campaign seems unbalanced and unfair, I shouldn’t need to max out characters to have a chance be able to get a mid game level friendship disk.


Fully agree with this, Randall is only a problem in friendship campaign where you cannot have characters with ways of dealing with him like using precise and the like.

Also there are other similar characters that are massive roadblocks like Davy Jones and Mike, who do massive damage you don’t have any chance of being able to avoid due to Mike’s red skill and Davy’s chest.

For example, the Kaa/C&D friendship campaign has a Mike that rolls immediately and kills, even Kaa cannot snare him fast enough and you just die instantly. Also a lvl 400 Yellow character getting one shot on a lvl 200 campaign.

The hopper/fear friendship campaign has a Davy jones who is a major roadblock as well, just to throw another example out there.


I am all up for refreshes, but at first I would level all the heroes.

I did say what I consider ideal:
10B base HP
1B base Armor/Reality/Skill Power/Basic Damage

With disks and Red Skill giving the same amounts - meaning instead of 2001x stats with Disk and Red Skill it would only be 3x.

That base would apply to level 385, E0 hero.

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