Rapunzel Refresh and Prize Wall

With Rapunzel getting a Refresh we’ve decided to give her her very own Prize Wall! Her Prize Wall will not have Hero Quests and run from Aug 26th to Aug 31st. This will be an great opportunity to collect her Hero chips and Red Skill chips!

For the upcoming Tangled Collection, we are giving Rapunzel a Refresh! Here is the information regarding her refresh:

Rapunzel’s Base Stats:

  • Increased Max HP
  • Increased Skill Power
  • Increased Basic Damage

Rapunzel’s Skills:

Frying Pan Pummel:

  • Increased damage and Knock Back distance

Healing Hair:

  • Higher amount of Healing and Reality provided from this Skill

Sun’s Gift:

  • Increased Skill Power provided

Golden Glow:

  • Increased amount of stacks of Hardy, Skill Power, and Energy that is provided to the frontmost ally
  • Higher amount of bonus healing to Skill 2
  • Increased Skill Power and Reality provided from this Skill to Rapunzel

Rapunzel’s Memory Disks:

Best Daily Reminder:

  • Increased bonus damage amount to Skill 1

Princess Practicum:

  • Increased Skill Power and Basic Damage granted to allies
  • Allies deal a higher amount of damage to enemies with a Shield
  • Enemies lose a higher amount of Basic Damage when they have a Shield

She will be on September 1st after rapunzel prize wall.


Well it doesn’t look like it

So I guess this will start with Standard Prize Wall Level 1, where we earn 20 Hero Chips, right? :unamused:

And since it´s 5 days with no Hero Quests, we will get to like… level 10 at best?
Where´s the Skill Chips then? Deals? :man_shrugging:

Well this week is the world of Princesses on Disney Channel and they’re showing her show Tangled the series/Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure and they’re also gonna show her movie Tangled on Friday at 8pm on Disney Channel so yeah I can live with that

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So basically, is 22 going to be the new prize wall hero AFTER Rapunzel?

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Yes. 22 will be on The Prize Wall on September 1!


I wonder… Will she be good

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According to our expert @Musketeer . Not


Rapunzel Happy GIFs | Tenor


And I’m getting her to yellow

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I am excited to get her maxed stars

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Nice very nice :slightly_smiling_face::+1::yellow_heart::purple_heart:

Well it looks like I might give Rapunzel one more star and that’s it! :star:
Also, I just realized this wasn’t the first time that a recurring hero has its own prize wall, which I believe Syndrome was the first to do so (which I also gave him the 6th star).


In my opinion Rapunzel is the best and my all time number 1 Princess behind Mulan and Moana (even though they’re not Princesses)


Nice refresh. A little op tho

not really.

If C-tier is OP, then what is S-tier then :flushed:


lol, probably a bit too op:rofl::rofl:

I fell like this week was about Tangled because they got a collection in the game Rapunzel gets refreshed and now the prize wall hero they showed Tangled the series/Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure all this week on Disney Channel and now they’re gonna show Tangled Tonight at 8pm on Disney Channel

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