Raring to go (unlikely concept)

Banjo and kazooie

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Banjo/kazooie are a 2 star, frontline damage duo

Trial team:red


Entrance:banjo walks in from a dark jiggy silhouette as kazooie then pops up from his backpack and the silhouette disappears

Victory:banjo and kazooie play their instruments and then poses with them

Defeat:stars appear above banjos head as he falls flat on his backpack

Basic attack:banjo swings his backpack at enemies in front of him, dealing x damage



kazooie covers banjo with her wings as he dashes forward towards enemies at a high speed, dealing x damage to all enemies and knocking them back.

Green:breegull bash

banjo dodges a close ranged attack and slams kazooie into the enemy who tried to hit him, dealing x damage and stunning that enemy for 7 seconds

Blue:jiggy with it

Banjo collects a jiggy which increases his attack speed by 200% for 4 seconds and increases his chance to dodge by 20%

Purple:cover your wings

banjo and kazooie now become invincible for 7 seconds after they finish up using “wonderwinged”

Red:nuts and bolts

Banjos attack power increases for every time he takes damage in a round.

“Breegull bash” now deals fantastic damage when banjo is under 40% of his health


Banjo and kazooie/goofy
jiggy puzzle
healing when dodging

Banjo heals himself for x amount for everytime he dodges a attack

Banjo and kazooie/madame mim
Witch hunt
rising attack power at beginning

At the start of every round, banjos attack power increases for 5 seconds


Gota main them all smash Brothers


Kazooie: Why are those blue people with white eyes coming straight at us?

Banjo: I don’t know, but let’s get them.

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