Recommendation of a new hero


You should introduce Disney Theme Parks heroes. I think having the Hatbox Ghost from the Haunted Mansion in the game would be so cool. Or Red the pirate, she could have friendship with Jack Sparrow.


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How Do You Envision Your Next Hero?


Hopefully Clawhauser, Edna Mode, and Jake Long get added


I’d suggest Mulan and Mushu.

Her first/(white) skill would be Avalanche. She fires a cannon out of the screen to summon it. Causing enemies to freeze and deal damage

Her Green skill could be Mushu can deal extra damage on enemies.

Her Blue skill could be firework damage. Aiming to the strongest powered enemy in terms of team power.

And for sure her last one would be called “Honor” for her purple skill. Allowing her to gain extra damage after an ally has been K’Oed. Just like Jack sparrow. But instead she can be shielded by her ancestors spirits.


Je suggère B max il colle au thème parfaitement


I’d love it if the next batch of heroes came from Emperor’s New Groove, specifically Kronk, Kuzco, and Pacha


Kronk could be the next healer class (which we desperately need). His main ability “My spinach puffs” could equalizes all characters health and gain healing over a few seconds. Another ability could be he converses with a squirrel to find the most vulnerable enemy and he targets him for an attack.


Pacha could be a supporter that gives buff ti allies depending on their class; tank gains max hp, attackers gain speed, healers gain stealth, etc. His main ability could be he swings out of the way as a pack of leopards charge the enemies. His purple ability “Spilled Potion” should turn an enemy into a random animal for a few seconds, stunning them; unless an enemy is turned into a cow, then they are immediately excused from the fight and leave


I would like to see Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore. Pooh would be a mid line support, Tigger would be a mid line damage, Piglet would be a back line damage, and Eeyore would be a back line damage. Pooh’s skills would be a bee swarm sent at an enemy and would continually deal damage, giving honey to a teammate to heal them, throwing honey at the enemy to slow them down and giving a balloon to a teammate boosting their stats. For Tigger I think that Epic Mickey’s idea is fitting. For Piglet I think he should throw acorns and be able to “hide” and, like Violet’s ability, no one can hit him for a short time. For Eeyore he would Send a raincloud to the enemies which would deal continuous damage to them and they would get sadness which stop them from being healed, he would also charge at the enemy leaving his tail by one of them and, like Woody’s bullseye would increase damage done to them. I get that this is long but I really want these heroes to be in the game.


Big Hero 6 would be nice


I think mulan would be a awsome new charecture, she cpuld be a damage or support. If she was the support class sge would inspire the team and shield them. Then she would also do good damage for a support class character with pushing back. Mulan could also have mushu on her shoulder and he would do her purple skill. White skill, knock back with a kick doing damage and slowing the enamey. Green skill, whenever a allay gets ko she inspires her allays . Blue skill, she could stun her enameys slowing there movement. Purple skill, mushu sets the enameys on fire doing damage. 2 star cherecture


I personally would like to see Godeon more than clawhauser. But both would be good.


I would like to see Voyd. It would be cool to see her using portals to help her allies and to also effect the enemy team.


Goob from Meet the Robinsons would be my pick.