Red Invasion teams

I don’t think there is a huge degree of competition in Invasion between most Guilds, so I don’t see a reason not to share some ideas for Guild teams. I have recently built Peter Pan and he inflicts MASSIVE damage in his attacks on Bots and holds up really well defensively. I am also using Mickey, Baymax, Merida, and Goofy basically as a shield. I have also tried Scar and while he produces good damage. He just does not hold up as well defensively. Of these five heroes, only Merida (outside of Peter) produces significant damage. I am really looking for a hero that can provide more damage to possibly replace Baymax or Goofy (depending on which one is better defensively as we wrap up this invasion. I am strongly considering Eve, Jack Jack, and Hiro as I have at a fairly high level, but if S&N or T&B are producing, please let me know. Thanks in advance for sharing.

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Dash (ten)


The best team I’ve found is Peter Pan, Hiro, Dash, Mickey and Goofy


Dash, best invasion damager in the game


Do you know a good way to keep him alive? I have Violet and Baymax for shielding him, but he still goes down quick once the Boss’ eyes light up.

Mickey does well, especially with Baymax, or Goofy (Mi), if you have this disk. Also, if you activate Hiro’s bot at the start of the combat (turn off auto for this), Mama Bot will attack Megabot and ignore Dash.


Thanks for the suggestions guys, I especially like using Hiro’s megabot as a target, that would likely save Quorra as well as mine produces good damage, but she frequently get’s “one shoted” about midway through fights with stronger bosses.

Red team I’ve also used Rafiki (if he’s on your server) as a target since he can self heal.

Is Dash’s damage better with the Violet disc or the same regardless…? I have been intrigued about starting that friendship as it has crazy good damage vs. shields…

It is not a must. But it improves his skill power, so I’d recommend to get it.

Yeah, the Violet disk does give him more damage :slight_smile: especially against Breaker fights where the enemies can often be shielded

Even though bo isnt on the red team, i use bo, rafiki, timon, merida and mickey… Today is day 2… Single attacks are doing about 307mil damage

I would say DarkWing (Ni), Mickey (Ja), Goofy (Mi), BayMax & Huey Dewey & Louie

Using hiro, mickey, simba, Peter pan and goofy. Don’t auto play. And try to toon up characters twice before use white skills… Easily do this when energy regen boost used. Cheers

I do see other players use frozone dash etc

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