Red Skill Rumble Tournament!

Anyone wonder why there’s only 55 votes on a game with tens of thousands of players?
Because the voting window is super small and poorly communicated.

C’mon, PerBlue. Common sense should apply here.

Not everyone thinks this is true it seems…

Well it happened, so I think I’ll vote for Max now then… But Slinky probably should have won

Not everyone visits the forums on a daily basis or never at all. And PB can’t just host a poll in the game either. It’d probably be too complex for the game to handle. Common sense should be applied here :neutral_face:

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by 1 vote, for Max… also it´s terrible? how exactly? bonus Reality and Hardy/SP isn´t good?

Kristoff´s red maxed is superior to Shang´s.

But it does same thing as… but better, because hardy stacks are given to everyone.

What’s your plan here?

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This is the final round!

Which Red Skill will reign supreme?

Loyal Steed
“Sword Swat” also grants Maximus and frontline allies stacks of hardy and midline and backline heroes skill power. Maximus and his allies receive a percent of their basic damage as reality.


Reindeer Rampage
Once per wave, x seconds after Sven is KO’d, Kristoff may use “Best Buddies” to summon Sven again. Every x times Sven basic attacks, damaged enemies are frozen.
Vote for your favorite red skill:

    • Loyal Steed
    • Reindeer Rampage

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The poll will close at 11:59 PM CT on Sunday, December 6.

Results will not be visible but we’ll announce the winner in the event thread at NOON CT on Monday :tada:


So a battle of four-legged furry pets that are able to be ridden on!


I almost voted the wrong one. In the pictures, It’s Kristoff on top and Max on bottom, but the vote is Max on top and Kristoff on bottom.


Sooo… :roll_eyes: ummm— Max for victory I guess.


The two animals fight for the better red skill… WHO WILL WIN!!!:eyes:

:grimacing: Sorry about that. I hope everyone reads before they vote. I can’t edit the poll once it’s started.


You can properly still edit the order of the gifs and fix it that way Polaris :-).


Tell your friends and guilds and strangers you meet in the City to come vote!


Sven will win !!!


Nice, glad to hear that you fixed it Polaris ^^.

Vote for reindeer rampage

It’s not even better than Max’s red skill


Well it doesn’t need to be :grin:

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But who likes bad, broken (negatively) and useless things, huh?

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Well it could definitely use a buff since Kristoff’s purple was ruined!

But I like both skills.

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