Red Skills: March 16-20

Red Skills

  1. Which Red Skill given to an old hero is the most interesting? Why?
  2. Which Red Skill given to an old hero is the most powerful? Why?
  1. Which Red Skill given to an old hero is the most interesting? Why?

Jack Skellington’s “Sound of a Scream”. Jack had made me very excited to see in game when he was first released, but as more patches and heroes were added, he felt left behind in terms of power survivability. While I would like to see him have a Hero Refresh in the future, this Red Skill does make him all the more desirable in the meantime, especially with multiple Scaring heroes.

  1. Which Red Skill given to an old hero is the most powerful? Why?

Sally’s “Fog Juice”. This is most damaging during Friendship Campaigns with either newly acquired (and therefore low powered) heroes or any team without a hero to heal or Cleanse the Poison off of them. This is another case of, while I enjoy having my Sally with this kind of power, I dislike fighting against an enemy Sally. More so during Friendship Campaigns where she appears not only multiple times between waves, but between fights themselves. Such as the most recent Friendship Campaigns involving Tigger and Pooh.


Aladdin’s red skill looks pretty good, i haven’t unlocked it though. But unlocking red skills still too expensive. 10m gold - too much.

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The Mad Hatter, as he can now counter various enemies, such as Barbossa, Hook, Baymax or Jafar.

I would say Hades, as his immortality gives him more time to deal a lot of damage.


Jack Skellington’s. His Red Skill makes an interesting addition to the game, and to Scare team especially. I use him and Sulley in Invasion and it helps me so much… Just that, he needs his righteous refresh badly :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Hades’s. I mean, in Invasion, he become a real pain. When he dies, my whole team dies with him. That’s not really nice to see :

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I haven’t been able to experiment with every Red Skill, but I personally found it both intriguing and amazing how much Sally’s Red Skill changes how she works, not just as a viable tank option but as challenging enemy.

I haven’t been able to toy with every Red Skill so I’m going to leave this question to people who can more properly answer it.

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A support character able to block enemy boosts is kind of interesting when there is control heroes around
Nice catch cowboy.

I got 3.
Nick Wilde sharing 35% skill power with allies.

Sally. Her poison is just…deadly. Faced a few times in the campaign and got impressed. Have yet to face one in friendship campaign and pvp.

But my choice goes to Hades. He can become a manace while invincible.

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I think Moana’s and Elsa’s are the most interesting. Absolutely love how these 2 skills work!

Duke’s is arguably the best red skill. The damage from his Stunt Spectacular was already awesome, but this skill takes him to another level.

Others that are really powerful are Sally’s, Hades’ and Scrooge’s.

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I find red skills in general not interesting, because so far the heroes I use generally don’t get them.

In theory, I should have access to Elsa’s, Skellington’s, Remy’s and Animal’s. Of them, I’m most excited/interested in Skellington’s (he’s on a Scare team) and Animal’s (pushback is the gimmick of the month). Elsa’s looks interesting, but she’s still unusable against a team with Anger.

Hades is the red skill I loathe to face most. I don’t so much mind him coming back–I’d be completely fine with him continuing to revive every time as long as one ally is still alive–but the game’s AI breaks down when facing invulnerability. Losing that way feels beyond cheap.

These are the heroes that I think should get a red skill next.
For tanks Hercules, Olaf, Goofy, and Sully. For damage Stitch, Merida, Quorra and Buzz. For support Joy, Meg, Rafiki, Mickey, and Miguel. For control Jafar, Maleficent, Gaston and Hiro.

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BONUS: A Note On Red Skills

My above answers with Jack Skellington and Sally were made both because I genuinely think they are the most interesting/powerful, but also because the main functions of their Red Skills are not determined by the level of the Red Skill.

My above description does not include Jack’s ability to Scare with his basic attack, and Sally’s damage reduction, since they could not be fully leveled and I have not noticed their effect in my personal play.

I would have included mention of other heroes such as the Mad Hatter, Aladdin, Woody, or Miss Piggy, but the level requirements undermines the functionality of said Red Skills. Especially as the game level cap increases, so does the level requirements to keep the main function of the Red Skill working.

It’s increasingly difficult with the combination of limited Epic City Watch Keys, nearly 100+ heroes who have or shall receive Red Skills, a random chance per battle to obtain a specific hero’s Red Chips depending on your party, and overall level cap increases.

But I wouldn’t mention something without offering a potential solution, especially since I am unsure if I will be available for the live chat. This is just my opinion and personal thoughts on the matter.

A possible solution to this problem, would be to remove any “chance to fail by X” level requirements on every Red Skill in the game. Both those existing, and those upcoming. Players would feel more accurately rewarded for taking the time and effort to obtain the Red Skill for their favorite hero.

And while the ability to level up your Red Skill would still be an option, with the same method as currently implemented via Hero Chips and Red Chips, the leveling up process would only be to further the additional stat bonuses associated with each Red Skill. That way the incentive to level your Red Skill remains, and still gives players a more reachable goal to strive for in the long run.

Tl;dr In case I’m not around, Red Skills need some work to remain appealing


Q1: Moana. Because I don’t have to enhance badges to gain extra HP as the red skill already does that for me.

Q2: Kevin Flynn. His red skills add to his current skill power and max HP, and better shields

1 : Probably Jack Skellington. It fits as a combative ability and fits the character.

2 : 4 main ones come to mind.
A : Randall, makes him a nightmare to hit and makes his already hard-to-beat problems worse, but that’s only really a problem if they’re using his invincible disk.
B : Hades, he hits like a truck, but at least he can be stunned to death. Only really an issue in invasion or infected
C : Sally, same sort of issues as Hades.
D : Nick Wilde, my lord, that SP buff is insane. Worse part? Completely necessary for CW these days. I seriously can’t get through it half the time without Nick giving a massive buff to the rest of the team.

The most interesting ones are by Jack Skellington and Sally. Jack’s Scare is more reliable than ever and the extra burst of damage against already Scared enemies is so good and it further encourages scare-centric teams. As for Sally, the Fog Juice is very powerful. The damage over time is very strong and it puts a lot of pressure against backline targets.

The most powerful Red Skill given to an old character is (by a very large margin) is HADES. The invincibility he gains allows him to have the kind of lasting power he never had. And this allows him to get max benefits of “It’s a Small Underworld”. More than any other older hero, Hades benefited the most from having a Red Skill.

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Sally and JJ
Give new jump of power, and giving quite unique bonuses.

Hades and Duke
Well… they’re broken with red skill, so it’s huge thing, and it was without refresh (Hades).

Nick should remove armor as now, but also reality, possible re-work?

I want to say Yax’s, because the concept of reducing someone’s energy by 500 sounds like the type of thing that could win battles for you. However, it’s hard to say how effective it is because of how likely it is to fail until you get that red skill high enough. Which leads to my response for the next question…

How can I tell, when it’s so expensive and time-consuming to just get a red skill, much less level it up to where it works properly? Even if you’re able to buy all the deals and keep all of your heroes maxed, there’s a limit to how quickly you can get red skill chips, since everyone, F2P and P2W alike, gets exactly one City Watch reset per day (or two on certain special days, about four times a year).

For other teams, I would also like to see Scar, Maleficent, Alice, and others get their red skills.

Also you meant Sulley.

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