Refreshes: March 16-20

Hero Refreshes

  1. Which hero refresh has been the most effective? Least effective? Why?
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Major Hero Refresh was Jack Sparrow, Hiro, Merida, Finnick, Maui, Sully, Elsa, Stitch, Felix, Bogo, Mr.Inc, Jessie.

I don’t know if Jessie and Bogo are effective or not. Because I don’t use them.
The least effective heroes are Sully and Maui.

Except for Sully and Maui, Every refreshed heroes was great at that each time.
But as time goes by, Refreshed heroes become weak. So the most effective heroes are Stitch and Mr.Inc who are the most recent refreshed heroes

I hope next refreshed hero is Judy.
Her effective skill is Deputize. But Deputize’s 7 seconds are too short compared to new support characters’ skill time. And Support characters haven’t got Hero Refresh (except for Minor Refresh)

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Stitch deals more damage…
Mr. I is even more crazy
Elsa is somewhere good once again

Change is change, but…
Felix refresh - it was too simple, increasing just number (and it wasn’t HUGE difference) won’t help old hero. Give him something new to his skill set.
Sulley refresh - nothing changed.

and yes, WIR and Zootopia characters need refresh (not counting Bogo).


Mr. Incredible, he’s more OP and harder to defeat.

Also, one thing which I would like to know, giving ideas of refreshes… are they likely to be used or be inspiration for the team? @Polaris (or it’s behind ‘‘wall’’ and people which working on it have only own ideas?).

I think Refresh for Merida, Jack Sparrow and Stitch was most useful.
P.S. Increasing stats for old heroes isn’t enough as rule. They need rework skills


Definitely Stitch’s. Out of all the heroes who got refreshes, Stitch is slowly making a return to the meta. His slows are stronger, he deals a lot more damage, and now he shoes his true self. An alien who will stop at nothing to win.

Definitely Felix’s. He is still one of the weakest heroes on the roster. I would suggest increasing his defensive stats to make him a better fit for a tank, because he still feels like a front-line support hero.


To compare them from their beginning, Jack Sparrow got the most powerful buff. Paired with Olaf, he dominated the arena for the first months of 2019. Merida, Hiro, Stitch and Mr.I also got pretty good ones, especially the last two. They didn’t become totally unbeatable, but strong enough to compare with the current meta.
But new characters get more and more health, damage and skill power, and those refreshes become unnoticeable with time :sweat_smile:


Most effective for me is Stitch since Stitch is always on my team so it has been very useful. I am not sure about the least effective tho

In the past, Jack Sparrow. More recently Stitch and Elsa.

Most effective: Jack Sparrow. I remember the time he dominated Arena and how he defeated a whole team by himself. Sound familiar? (cough Randall cough)

Least effective: Felix. No one uses him even after his refresh (nor should they do). He is terrible. I even thought he was a support until I read his detail (and I was like, are you kidding me?)

Nick had a minor refresh once and it did absolutely nothing, so I hope, he will get his full refresh soon. Pretty please (and Jack Skellington too, if you pls)


I feel like the Stitch refresh and the Mr. Incredible refresh are the most effective refreshes. Stitch didn’t need a refresh too much so the refresh was probably balanced as such. Mr. Incredible was in desperate need of a refresh and now is genuinely viable

The Maui refresh is without a doubt the least effective refresh period. In fact it was so ineffective that he really needs another refresh.

Unfortunately cannot give full details here since I’m not holding a lot of heroes that got a refresh.

Jack Sparrow was most effective. Even tho it is easy to counter him, combining heroes to boost the basic damage can make some serious damage in the first seconds of the fight.

Honourable mentions based with mercs. Hiro and Stitch got really greats ones.

Least one I guess Felix.
His boosts were ok, but not enough to make him rise besides his purple ability to give skill power to allies. Which I find it great.

The absolute worst hero refresh has been Felix. He still dies almost instantly as His HP, armor & reality is too low for a tank. He usually only heals Himself as He is the frontmost hero out of all the frontliners and therefore takes the majority of damage at the beginning. His white skill is just small damage & a terribly short stun, His purple skill doesn’t add to the role of tank and His blue skill is so useless as it just blinds.

What has His refresh done for Him? Nothing, absolutely nothing.


The most effective BY FAR have been Stitch and Mr Inc. While Stitch is now a great option, that doesn’t annoy too much yet has a lot of utility, Inc has become a nightmare. In PvP he’s still manageable, though sometimes worse than Beast, but in friend campaigns he’s the most painful opponent rn. Jack Sparrow is nothing compared.

Actually, all refreshed heroes are great, except Maui, Finnick and Felix. These 3 are still underpowered.

I lean on Felix and Sullivan hard, but did so before their refreshes as well. Felix is hard to evaluate, because he’s useless at 99% of what is needed, but up there with Piggy, Randall and Beast at 101%. Is Felix balanced through his maximum health?* Because I think he works as intended when he’s not killed in one hit (aside from AI healers going stupid vs an invisible or invulnerable villain alone.)

New Sullivan is great, at least until inflation outpaces his health again. I guess Woody’s disc could use an update because so many gold heroes are healers. He’s slow to rev up, but once he does he’s amazing.

I liked the old Elsa better. I think the new one is more powerful, though. Anger so thoroughly neutralizes any team she’s on that it’s hard to prioritize investing in her development.

Maui’s skills are nice, but he needs Beast/Linguine/Rapunzel health, higher defenses, a self heal, or to stand farther back. Shark Bite can do more True Damage than he has health.

*If this is intentional, I’d get rid of it. Villains like Jafar and Randall kill heroes with low health in one shot. No one is interesting unless they can stay in the fight.

Just saying… plisss Refresh he is useless but still appears along the heroes with most power. So much power and he does nothing.

Each refresh worked for a time. Eventually, the refresh became obsolete which is just so unfortunate. I think Elsa and Stitch are so far the most successful since they’ve remained relevant long after their refresh. I really hope previously refreshed heroes like Sulley and Maui are revisited. No, they don’t need another overhaul–they just need minor adjustments. For example, Maui should be given 1 or 2 seconds of invincibility so he can safely use Psych Up. There are many other ways that small changes like this can done, but this is just a minor example.


Agree with most that Stitch, Mr Inc, and Elsa have probably been the most useful refreshes, but honestly I thought those heroes were already good in the first place.

Heroes that have been refreshed and you would have no idea because they’re still kinda bad: Felix, Jessie, Bogo, Finnick.

A refresh should make a noticeable difference, IMO. Otherwise why bother?

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Merida :
she deals lots of damage , and with EG disk she freezes enemy which is decent . She also have a decent attack speed that will be increased by her blue skill. She helped me so much in campaign and her armor decrease is a great damage booster.

Jack sparrow :
His damaging is great . When he get boost of his blue skill it will make him a nightmare . She is a Good patch with merida . The only problem about him is his health and armor. He is squishy . For dealing damage he need to survive more , but overall in decent team he can deals a a lot of damage .

Stitch : 6NWjyj-Z94Q-KjhiojzsFeOr_IKCtQqdG2_66o-R1uQH43L3lBapZrIkzkhNUAbUbQ46EiOwQC379cpiFavVzbHwBEiIfCdqu8vQkS9Arq2M4q19edrYD1WcBaFWk6ewfv2lBeyL

Stitch is a fast fighter , and his slowing is such a great skill . He deals so much damage I’m invasion and he also have a survive ability .
Overall I can say stitch refresh is the best . Because he is torally as balanced as New heroes.


Felix : no_shadow_dialolgue_felix (1)
He actually need a rework. His skill are so random . His ultimate skill is one of the worst ultimate and we have better version of his skill In other HEroes.
Gozno white skill is just a better version of Felix’s
Solo healing of linguni is better than him.
Blinding ? Lol look at powerline and hank !
And his purple skill is so random .
He need a rework and he even won’t get better when you increase amount of stats . Because his skills are really trash.

Maui ;
Even When he was added he was so underpowered . His skills are not that good , but I don’t think he needs a whole rework . He needs to have better stats and also you can add some additon to his skills .
He is not as bad as Felix , but for picking a good tank , he is in last priority. He need to have better armor and stats .

P. S : I think you actually need to refresh hero faster . Because the time between refreshes is 2-3 months . And you need to fatally huge refresh some heroes like vanelope , Ralph , Jack jack

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