Refund diamond

Hi. I accidentally bought a single badge in black market using diamond (16k something).

I vividly remember that Polaris once said that they could refund diamond to player if that badge was not used, back when Polaris was still manager

So I contacted Support 3 days ago…and I haven’t gotten any reply back :sweat_smile: is that supposed to take that slow?

@Loutre @Nugget could you check if that policy is still applicable? I try to find that thread but couldn’t find it as it was too long ago

Highly appreciated all the helps that I could get. Thanks

Support can take a few days especially because we answer tickets Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm CST

I’m not convinced about this, don’t feel too confident in getting your diamonds back. I did exactly this once and put in a ticket, the support agent was quite adamant that they could not refund my misclick as all purchases were final. :man_shrugging:

Wouldn´t it be easier to just make badges in Black Market/Mega Mart purchasable for gold instead of diamonds @Loutre @Nugget?

I vaguely remember that was a reason why the diamond option was taken away from Badge Bazaar (and honestly could be taken away from Memory Market for all I care).

Though to be fair, I still believe all the Black Market/Mega Mart items should be purchasable with Gold and not Diamonds :man_shrugging: but eh, too much work I guess or a :-1: from higher-ups. I mean, whatever.

This, this, and this would be good, it’s annoying and just plays like a bait, which doesn’t say a lot good things about whoever decided that (50k diamonds for a badge, really?), sadly, outdated too, aside.

I don´t think any living person in PB gives the diamond costs to the items, I believe the system just does it itself by the amount of stamina used or… something.
Likely the same with token price.

Both were probably never reviewed past some point.

Since beginning it was like 20k diamonds so it was programmed poorly since ever.

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