Return of the Predictions!

So, long, long ago so long that some of you weren’t on the forums yet I used to do predictions posts. Where I would make mildly educated guess and throw my thoughts and predictions out into the wild and see how things turn out.

I stopped doing them shortly after I started datamining. I felt like I couldn’t properly predict without either using that information to my advantage or ignoring it actively making predictions I knew were incorrect.

But right now I have a rare opportunity. There are no new characters in the files and a few hints were dropped in the Dev Q&A on Friday. So I can make some completely unfiltered Predictions! Most of this falls apart if the release schedule hasn’t actually changed lol.

Team Level 395, Emerald+1, Chapter 73
So I would firstly expect Patch Notes on the 8th of September and thus an update on the 12th of September to bring in the next bit of story/rank/level progression. Probably little else in that update.

Prize Wall Starting September 21st
With the revelation that new Prize Walls start the day the previous one ended the next Hero after Rose releases on September 21st. That means patch notes on the 15th most likely. However they have announced Prize Wall Heroes really early sometimes like they did with Statler and Waldorf. So during most Patch Seasons we usually tend to get at least one new character for one of the franchises. So: Incredibles, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, The Emporer’s New Groove, Tangled. Now none of them have any hints from the Dev Q&A (at least as far as I picked up on) but my thoughts is this: they’ve been doing a lot of DTVA lately. Maybe we get a character from Tangled: The Series? But honestly I feel like the most obvious choice would be Kuzco or The Screenslaver. So Patch Season 11 will most likely continue until October 3rd.

Patch Season 12/Shop Refresh for October
I’m not really going to try to predict what all the franchises in the Patch Season will be or who will be in the Shop Refresh. But I do have a few Patch Season 12 Predictions. In the Dev Q&A it was implied that DHBM will do something to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas. So October makes sense to add Nightmare Before Christmas to the patch pool. Maybe Monsters Inc if we’re going for spooky? I also think we may get American Dragon: Jake Long added to the pool soon. More on that later. Patch notes for this would probably be on September 29th, with the Shop Refresh. Probably no Patch notes on September 22nd. This puts the update releasing on October 3rd. But Because the next Prize Wall Begins on the 5th these Patch Notes would also feature a new hero.

Prize Wall Starting October 5th
This will either be a random character, tie in to one of the other franchises or a new Nightmare Before Christmas character. Due to the new release pattern there will be second Prize Wall during October/Season 12. But if we say it is a new Nightmare Before Christmas Character it is probably Dr. Finkelstien or if they manage to give him his own skillset it could be Zero. I once gave Zero a skillset where he was paired with another character as duo. But I don’t realistically see them pulling from the extended material. I would like to throw out that if it isn’t a Nightmare Before Christmas character, it’s probably a villain. Disney villains in October is huge thing across the board for all Disney properties. I think Cruella is a major one we haven’t gotten. But I need to point out a recent pattern in releases we haven’t touched on yet. We have yet to get a franchise patched that has only one character. Pocahontas was patched through the Princess category. But various other franchises have received a second character just in time to be added to a Patch season. Like Tiana being added and then we got Princess and the Frog in patch season as an example. So we could get a character (Maybe a Villain) from a franchise we only have one character from. For example, Ratigan or Dr. Doof. What it ultimately boils down to is: two characters will release in October. One of them is very likely to be a Nightmare Before Christmas character. The other I personally think will be a Villain possibly from a franchise that has very little in game rep. The Second Prize Wall in October will start on October 19th.

Further Thoughts

So, I think we may get Sox at some point before the year ends. During the Dev Q&A it was hinted that may be getting a Cat character (or cat characters) before the end of the year. It has also been a while since we got a Pixar character (March 30th, Chef Skinner) or a rep from a Pixar movie we haven’t gotten in the game before (January 5th, Luca & Alberto) so we are likely due a new Pixar character. No those two facts may be unrelated and we will get a different Pixar character and a different cat. Though I feel like noting Mr. Mittens even though he’s not super likely. I also feel like noting just Mittens who is far more likely. Just Mittens is for those who don’t remember the cat from Bolt. Continuing the whole you need 2 characters to get your franchise patched, Mittens would make sense considering we only have Bolt from Bolt. I threw out Mr. Mittens for the same reason. Mr. Mittens is the cat from Soul. But to be perfectly honest whenever we get a second Soul character, it will probably be Joe, and if it isn’t, I would guess Moonwind before I would guess Mr. Mittens I just felt like throwing that out there because he is a cat. I guess we could honestly end up getting the “Wildcard” category thrown in to a Patch Season eventually. But I prefer to imagine that they’re going to add second characters to all of these franchises.

As much as my predictions for October largely dictate that a Nightmare Before Christmas character is coming in October it’s worth noting that a lot of the previous Nightmare Before Christmas characters have released in December and a major character we don’t have is Santa himself. We could get 2 characters yeah, or we could get 2 Disney villains in October and get Santa (or Sandy) in December. If we’re going off the theory that they’re going to introduce more 2nd characters for franchises with only one character, we could see a new Coco character in October or November. Mainly Hector or Dante but that could easily end up in next year instead.

I made huge post somewhere about how Cars characters are possible and just because in December 2022 the community manager at the time said they were having trouble and don’t know if they would ever be able to get them in the game doesn’t mean it’s impossible or not happening ever. The devs had trouble with Kermit, Kim, Belle and Lumiere but they all eventually came to the game. It’s worth noting that during the most recent Dev Q&A when Cars was asked about (At least twice) the devs did not respond unlike with Kim, Kermit, Belle, Lumiere and Captain Salazar. Which could suggest Cars is back in active development. However they didn’t respond to questions regarding Marvel or Fox and I sincerely doubt they have permission to use Marvel and Fox in the game now. So think of that what you will.

Lately every few character releases is something completely unpredictable. Something strange and unexpected. So if you remember my old predictions posts here is the fun part. Where I stake a wild claim and we see how wrong I am later. I really enjoy doing this. I know it will be wrong to some degree so I have fun with it. Don’t take this part too seriously. Unless I’m right, then you can take it very seriously.

Prediction Chart

September 21st:
Kuzco or Screenslaver

October 5th:
Cruella? (Less Confident) or Dr. Finkelstien

October 19th:
Ratigan or Dr. Finkelstien

November 2nd:
Hector? (Less Confident)

November 16th:

November 30th:
Arlo? Mater? (Something Unpredictable had to go somewhere in here)

December 14th:
Sandy Claws or (Something??? IDK)

December 28th:

This is, obviously just me throwing darts in the dark. The release schedule might not have permanently changed. We might see more changes to the release schedule or other things I haven’t thought of. This is all in good fun. For those who weren’t there back in the day, I did get a few things right sometimes. But usually things didn’t turn out how I predicted them. Well I look forward to seeing how this turns out. I feel like I didn’t include enough characters that would make people go “Did anyone really want that?” But whatever.


Can’t come due to size issues

Calm down he’s not constantly spamming about Cars like Storm.95 so don’t compare Wave9Nut to Storm.95

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Sorry sorry

It’s fine just don’t say that ever again.

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Did we get confirmation on this? Because I expect that someone just forgot to account for an off week between Prize Walls.

I don’t think there’s enough about the Screenslaver to work with, particularly given the plot twist about their identity. Kuzco I think is a real possibility, even though I want to reiterate that currently we have no reason to expect him to arrive. (Sorry about that, I’m just tired of seeing posts every couple of weeks saying “Kuzco is coming next, the wiki says so!!!1”.) The only other characters I can think of from this season’s franchises that seem even reasonably possible are Mrs. Potts and Prince Charming (which, yeah, not really anything more to work on than with Screenslaver, but at least there’s no plot twist getting in the way).

I’d throw in Hocus Pocus as an October possibility as well. As for new characters from those IPs, I think Waternoose from Monsters, Inc., or any of the Oozma Kappa krew (or Johnny from RΩR) from Monsters U. I agree that Ratigan and Heinz Doofenshmirtz are both good candidates as well.


Never really thought about him coming to the game but that’s a very good shout. I think he’d fit wonderfully

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I would love to see Art honestly. I really loved MU and he was a great character.

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Depends on what you classify as a cat. Because when I see cat, I think all cat characters including big cats like tigers and lions. Some people believe that a real cat is one you can keep around the house and cuddle up by the fireplace. To that…

I say NAY!!!

Lions and tigers along with other big cats are consider cats. That’s why they are called wild-CATS! Those who think otherwise should go back to kindergarten and relearn their animals groups. Tigers and lions are cats! They belong in the cat family. Therefore, they’re cats! End of story! Goodbye! The end!

I believe that Cruella would come out for Halloween this year without a doubt. She has been requested mutiple times and is really the only major villain who has yet to be in the game. All though, Frollo has been requested quite alot so he looks like he’s going to be the people’s champion. Of course, there are many more villains to consider like Shere Khan,
Alameda Slim, and Honest John among others.

Also, you’re forgetting one itty, bitty, but ever so crucial, little, tiny detail…

The Henchmen!!!

No Disney Villain would be complete without one. Teamwork makes the scheme work after all. The henchmen should be taken into account. (If you still want to consider Iago a henchman… er… hench-bird. I won’t judge if you don’t).

As for Nightmare Before Christmas, The Mayor came as a surprise to all of us. So, it would seem only right for Dr. Finkelstein to come in and round out the Nightmare Before Christmas collection. I would love to see him weaponize the skeleton reindeer.

Zero? Ehhhh. Now that’s a little harder to do. He would have been better if he was paired with Jack or used as one of Jack’s skills in the same vein as Pluto and Dug. But, since he wasn’t, I seriously doubt that he would be added now.

While I’m on the subject of doubtful add-ins. Santa would be a bit of a stretch. Seeing as how there has been many iterations of Saint Nick, TNBC’s would be no exception. He just too generic of a holiday figure to be brought in unlike Jack, whose holiday has no OFFICAL mascot to speak of.

As for Monsters University, people cannot stress enough about the time stream being altered in any way with a few exceptions. People that could do such a thing from Bing Bong to Kion have been shot down for this exact reason. So, I can see why characters introduced in Monsters University would probably suffer the same fate.

Please, let’s not get into this discussion again.

Personally, i would love to see Cars get into the game, with Mater, Finn, and Holly being the most eligible for their versatility.


The reason as to why characters from the Cars franchise are not in the game is because the devs are having a bit of an issue with the sizing. They’re just too wide for the screen and could…

A. Cover up most of the team
B. Cause a lag for weaker devices

But, if you have a solution to solve it, I’m sure the devs will be all ears.

Other than that, your predictions looks pretty solid

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Not that I don’t also find them annoying, but was adding this part really necessary? :neutral_face:

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Well, it’s true isn’t it? No matter how matter times we tell them, they can’t really admit to the fact that there is, in fact, a size issue.

Besides, Wave9Nut hasn’t been here in a while, so they should be up to date as to what has been going on here lately.

Part of the reason I would like to see someone from MU added to the game is that PerBlue could have some fun telling about what they’ve been doing between that movie and Monsters, Inc. There’s no timeline conflict, just a time skip.


There was still no good reason for mentioning it here other than to just call them out on it again. It being true doesn’t make it necessary to mention and not-so-subtly drag them for every single opportunity you get.

And what do you mean “Wave9Nut hasn’t been here in a while”? If you look at his activity, he’s been here pretty actively just as he’s always been.


I mean I talked about this recently. Perblue has said nothing about it. They haven’t “shot down” Bing Bong, in fact he was confirmed to be living in the city already. Like I said I talked about this a lot recently anyway. The games lore is really interesting and permits characters to appear from throughout the timeline.

Anyway, I know I’ve gone on a few hiatus over the years but I’ve been pretty active the past few weeks, and I actually do know who you’re talking about. They DM’d me recently and that got talked about publicly.


But, Joy confirmed Bing Bong to be dead. So, either she missed him completely or Pooh and Eeyore (for whom friendship he was mentioned in) recently stepped into the darkness to hunt a ghost. :ghost:


Simple: During that friendship campaign Bing Bong hadn’t landed in The City yet. Joy was pulled from after Bing Bong died. Bing Bong from before. Much like how the Parr family remembers the events of Incredibles 2 but Syndrome doesn’t.

If it’s as simple as you say it is, then how come Bing Bong hasn’t been playable yet?

And if that’s really the case, then this whole “breaking the timeline” argument has been straight up kookie-dooks.


You know how many characters have been mentioned to live in The City during Friendship campaigns and Friendship missions that aren’t playable. It’s a lot. I couldn’t begin to count. Grunkle Stan is a stand out. Zazu if I recall correctly? Swampy I think. Just tons of them. Yeah some of them get added eventually, like Russell or Quasimodo. But not all of them have.

Yes, I’ve been trying to explain that for quite literally years. It’s just that it was the easiest way to make this one person who used to spam about Kion stop talking and I didn’t want to disrupt the peace.

What is a cat?

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