Ride the ghostly rails (WOM concept)

Today’s concept is based off looney tunes: world of mayham

Revenant Road Runner


Stars: :star::star::star:
Position: Mid-line
Role: Damage
Trial team: Red

“Meep meep!”

This conductor of the phantom rails steals souls and delivers critical hits to any poor soul who is on the tracks


Entrance: A ghostly train rides into his position then it dissapears to reveal revenant road runner

Victory: Revenant Road Runner looks at the screen with a sinister look

Defeat: Revenant Road Runner flinches before he then dissapears like a ghost

Basic attack: Revenant Road Runner actives a ghostly train whistle which shoots smoke at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: Rattling passage (Fantastic Damage)

Revenant Road Runner rides through the enemy team on his ghost train, dealing X damage to each enemy, scaring each enemy he passes through for 8 seconds and having a 35% chance to crit against each enemy he passes through.

Green: Haunting whistle

Revenant Road Runner tugs a rope then a giant ghostly train whistle appears behind the enemy team and blows itself, scaring and silencing all enemies for 10 seconds.

Blue: Trainwreck (True damage)

At the start of each wave, Revenant Road Runner crashes his ghostly train into the enemy with the most HP. dealing X damage to the foe, scaring the enemy for 7 seconds and giving Revenant Road Runner 75 normal crit.

Purple: Off the rails

Each critical hit against an enemy now increases revenant road runner attack speed by 15% per hit critical hit.

Red: Ghost train runnin’

“Rattling passage” now decreases each enemies reality by 45% and also decreases each enemies normal crit by 45%

Each scare to the enemy team now now decreases their movement speed by 100% for 10 seconds.
+X damage to “Trainwreck”
+X skill power
+X reality


Revenant Road Runner/Jack Skellington
Scare train
longer scares

All scares done by Revenant Road Runner or his allies now lasts 2 seconds longer per each buff on them.

Revenant Road Runner/Wile-E coyote
Railing rivals
“Ratting passage” decreases blue skill levels

“Rattling passage” decreases the skill level of each enemies blue skills by 15.


Why is it terrible? :confused:
I thought it was really good.

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But why do you hate it? :confused:

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Please don’t be rude.

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Great concept!!

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I have that character!
Maybe you should do a Big Chungus concept soon.

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