Roadmap Update January 31st

The Roadmap has been updated! Since we’ve last shared this out, we have pushed fixes for:

  • Stamina Cap adjustments
  • Friend Campaign adjustments
  • Commas for large stat numbers
  • Normal and Elite campaign improvements
  • A number of bugs!

Game lag is something we continue to investigate, but hope to find meaningful, long-term solutions for with coming updates. This is a view of things we currently have on deck, but is not an exhaustive list of everything we plan to focus on this year. Please don’t hesitate to leave us feedback on how to improve your gameplay experience!


Some personal favourites from Roadmap:

Port Update, maybe Badge Recipes… question is whether simplified or more difficult (like E5+).

I’d like a nice Team Trial update as well (which I already have in mind myself and corresponds with making E5+ badges more difficult to craft).


Can this be posted to mailbox/event page in game? So more people will see it? @TheGrillFather

It would be good to change rewards in port from credits to raw gold, they are the same thing but it wouldn’t cause freezing in battles.
Same in trials, but here instead of badges maybe just give badge crates and badge tokens, I haven’t played trials due to it being barely playable as the rewards page is so big it causes long freezes.

Other new stuff is exciting! Finally discord server, recipes, and new battle pass.

Mastery skins and achievements is curious… :thinking:


Not sure if the lag section is fully up-to-date, but if it is I’d personally vote for removing the dots entirely for now, and receive feedback after the fact as things like rebalancing take priority. Solutions to reintroduce them seems better than solutions to fix/remove them, when its such a minuscule feature of the game.

To be honest I’m really not convinced anyone actually uses them :sweat_smile:

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I see people quitting because of the timesink, with more stamina resources etc it takes longer to use them so to keep up with others takes time. They simply didnt have the time to keep up.

So I am looking at QOL improvements that cut time spent in game to just do daily tasks.

I like the 150k raids in campaign, but Im wondering if these can be expanded upon for “raid all” which essentially will raid all stages. Personally I would like that primarily on elite campaign. Frankly I can go to each character and raid each there and it take 20-30m of time and still be max stamina at the end of it.

For normal campaign though I think it would be more useful to have a quick way to identify low badge stocks, so where we have 0 badges it directs us to those to raid.

A quicker way to sell badges like “sell all”, you could have a minimum to keep like in badge enhancing, but honestly it is not required. When quick crafting the costs in gold and stamina are not that different. A badge costing 422k stamina to craft a badge before selling, then after selling all my bits and badges etc (took what feels like forever) cost 466k for the same badge.

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Should make stamina easier to get. Like 3 generated a minute, instead of 1. Considering you need like 250K to get badges now.

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The lag has been less of a factor since the last short-term changes that were made; I guess the next acid test of those will be next Tuesday. :grimacing:

From the Roadmap:

Badge Recipes

Is this just for the new server, or for all servers? If the former, is there a chance it will eventually be used in all servers if it works well for the new server? If the latter, can you give us any more information about it?

Hero Pool Re-balance

Once again I’d like to state my opinion that it wasn’t the refreshes causing the issues with wildly inflationary numbers, but mostly the new heroes, with only a small subset of refreshes given similar numbers.

Mercenary Costs review

I notice this is still in the Roadmap; does this mean the team might be looking at it again sometime in the next few months? I would love to see merc costs lowered enough to make it practical to hire them again.

Guild Perks
New Trial Events Rules
Challenger Arena changes

Is the team willing to entertain suggestions from players for these issues? I know there have been some made in the past that I thought were promising. (Also, I assume that’s Challenger Arena and Coliseum changes…)

Thanks for the update!

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Where are the improvements for wildcard heroes and others that were announced last month? nothing reported so far this is very important


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Patch Notes! :slight_smile:

Thanks for this feedback! We had put the pink dots on hold for now, but it is still on our docket to improve lag where they cause it, such as Team Trials.

Raid All in Elite Campaign is something we have brought up to the team, but is not currently in design quite yet. I agree QoL changes like streamlining hero upgrades would be really useful-- they just take a lot of time and will require a lot of dev work that we are currently focusing on game performance and hero balance.

Thanks for all your suggestions! We do hear them, and we keep track of what’s possible for DH within a timely manner. Looking into selling items and resources is also something we’ve been discussing recently!

For all servers, because we need to improve performance for currently existing ones before we can make a new one!

There is a possibility we look at it as it’s tied to Gold research we’re undergoing!

We are always open to feedback and suggestions!


Hopefully this will come the game soon, along with lv up and skill up all heroes :relaxed:

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I am tuned. But I also know that the ideal way to change Badge Recipes won’t happen. But let’s see what the team had time for.

You know what was my idea for a Team Trials refresh?
Since there are 13 “full” badges each rank, one only used in that rank and 6 bit-badges (50 bits = 1 badge)… it would be good if Team Trials gave:

2 pieces of 4 badges of cap-2 rank,
2 pieces of 4 badges of cap-3 rank,
2 pieces of 4 badges of cap-4 rank.

Aka at current E5 cap each Team Trial will give 2 pieced of 4 different E3, 4 different E2 and 4 different E1 badges (in total 24 items).
With E6 cap the E1 badges would be swapped for E4 badges (again in total 24 items).

They would scale easily since those are needed for current cap badges or will be needed in future.

And it wouldn’t horridly lag either during raiding or finishing the battle.

Please change hero rotations, new heroes shouldn’t be blocked out for new players for over half a year, and now with new candance it will be 2 years.

This is insane and just pushes away new players.

The new rotation should be battle pass → diamond crate.

Guild and VIP crates are massively outdated and hero chips which it gives is pathetic, 2-5, when we need almost 6k to fully max hero! These crates should change content to give consumables.


Or predominantly yellow and emerald bits.

Returning to this, I have a slight request if it is somehow possible to get the list of changes before the update’s live?
If the change is rather large it will be a big pain to update the Badge Map with real values on my own. Thanks in forward for any help.

Well y’all already broke the streak in January with new heroes but it’s time to work on fixing up the game because there are a lot of errors that I see that has to be fixed


Why is ‘raid all’ removed? For stability reasons?

I appreciate your optimism about potential changes to Badge Recipes. While the ideal scenario might not always be achievable, let’s remain hopeful and see what adjustments the team has been able to make. :crossed_fingers: for positive developments!


I would still kinda like this tbh…

Cause like I have a Badge Map that I do plan to finally update today.

Hey, thanks for bringing up the Hero rotations. Switching to Battle Pass → Diamond Crate sounds like a good idea. Also, we hear you on the Guild and VIP crates – consumables could enhance the gameplay. We’ll make sure to pass this along to the team for their consideration. Appreciate it!


Hey! The ‘Raid Max’ feature was tweaked for a smoother game experience. Appreciate your understanding as we work on enhancing gameplay!

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