Roadmap Update January 31st

Hopefully this will come the game soon, along with lv up and skill up all heroes :relaxed:

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I am tuned. But I also know that the ideal way to change Badge Recipes won’t happen. But let’s see what the team had time for.

You know what was my idea for a Team Trials refresh?
Since there are 13 “full” badges each rank, one only used in that rank and 6 bit-badges (50 bits = 1 badge)… it would be good if Team Trials gave:

2 pieces of 4 badges of cap-2 rank,
2 pieces of 4 badges of cap-3 rank,
2 pieces of 4 badges of cap-4 rank.

Aka at current E5 cap each Team Trial will give 2 pieced of 4 different E3, 4 different E2 and 4 different E1 badges (in total 24 items).
With E6 cap the E1 badges would be swapped for E4 badges (again in total 24 items).

They would scale easily since those are needed for current cap badges or will be needed in future.

And it wouldn’t horridly lag either during raiding or finishing the battle.

Please change hero rotations, new heroes shouldn’t be blocked out for new players for over half a year, and now with new candance it will be 2 years.

This is insane and just pushes away new players.

The new rotation should be battle pass → diamond crate.

Guild and VIP crates are massively outdated and hero chips which it gives is pathetic, 2-5, when we need almost 6k to fully max hero! These crates should change content to give consumables.


Or predominantly yellow and emerald bits.

Returning to this, I have a slight request if it is somehow possible to get the list of changes before the update’s live?
If the change is rather large it will be a big pain to update the Badge Map with real values on my own. Thanks in forward for any help.

Well y’all already broke the streak in January with new heroes but it’s time to work on fixing up the game because there are a lot of errors that I see that has to be fixed


Why is ‘raid all’ removed? For stability reasons?

I appreciate your optimism about potential changes to Badge Recipes. While the ideal scenario might not always be achievable, let’s remain hopeful and see what adjustments the team has been able to make. :crossed_fingers: for positive developments!


I would still kinda like this tbh…

Cause like I have a Badge Map that I do plan to finally update today.

Hey, thanks for bringing up the Hero rotations. Switching to Battle Pass → Diamond Crate sounds like a good idea. Also, we hear you on the Guild and VIP crates – consumables could enhance the gameplay. We’ll make sure to pass this along to the team for their consideration. Appreciate it!


Hey! The ‘Raid Max’ feature was tweaked for a smoother game experience. Appreciate your understanding as we work on enhancing gameplay!

Hopefully something will change, for better. Current situation is bad, all crates are outdated and waiting for heroes to be farmable is way too long.

Why there is no more Prize Wall?

“Prize Wall Revamp” is listed as “In Development” in the Roadmap, and there’s this comment from a few days ago in another topic:


I m not reading anything so I m asking here. Thanks one more time for nice answer

So the Prize Wall IS on a long hiatus…!

Ok heres something Ive been wanting for a long time, but more guild controls. I run a guild which has open recruitment (Im lazy about recruiting and since not aiming for top10 its not a problem) what I find is every so often we will get someone who joins, leaves, joins, leaves, joins, leaves for 20-30 mins straight. We gotta catch them in the guild to have the kick timer come into effect or close the guild up. Blocking them does not prevent them joining the guild.

In addition even if we were a closed guild nothing stops someone from requesting to rejoin after changing their name a couple of times, they pay a few diamonds and can pass as someone completely new, no tracking is available unless you had spoken in DM. So if some guild member hurls abuse at another and you remove them nothings really stopping them from changing name and rejoining then continuing their abuse.

We should be able to ban an account from the guild so they cant even apply.

On top of that I think the promotion system needs a revamp, people like to be recognized hence promotion, but giving that promotion means handing them the keys to the guild. You dont really want to do that, sometimes you just want to be able to give that stronger player a second attack and not give them permission to change war lines or other things like that. Sometimes that weaker player is a good strategic player and a wiz with dealing with war stuff so you want to give them that without the other perks.

So Id kinda like to see the perks be separated from the rank giving more control over who has permissions. I mean sometimes Id be deciding which cars to attack and someone else will switch the cars, I dont know who as it couldve been anyone tactician or above. Locking that to specific individuals to me is rather important.

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Any more updates? Nothing since February.


I suspect that’s now too far down on the priority list to expect any sort of regular updates, at least since early March

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