Roadmap Update June 22nd

The Roadmap has been updated! Token Shop adjustments, Invasion adjustments, and the Team Level and Campaign Medal Reward improvements were implemented. Bulk open option for more crates was also added.

Negative scores in codebase: we were not able to get a repro for this.
Joy’s red skill doesn’t work: please submit a detailed support ticket if you are still experiencing this problem.
Miguel’s green skill not working: fixed in 5.0, send in a ticket if you still experience the error.
Donald’s purple skill doesn’t work: fixed with 5.0, send in a ticket if you sill see this in the game.


This and also Happiness and Dread can be removed

And even stolen…

Making Joy and Fear do nothing as they can never again build these back.


No… please no, just remove them all together, or at least make them not interacting and interrupting hero rotations

Currently, it makes hero chips impossible to get to fully max them for almost 3 months.


Cool :-).


Honestly, why even bother?

These things were supposed to be fixed years ago, and now we are supposed to jump for joy?
And then we get the “amazing” adjustments of what we just got for the Token shop price reduction?

Just leave it then


BlueBandit93@ Is this comment to Musketeer or, if you don’t mind me asking?

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It is to Samm.

Everything is “promised” to be updated

Merc costs have gone through the roof the last 3 years
And now we are “considering” to adjust them?
Don’t make me laugh

Same for all the other adjustments on there.

Things are broken
It is fact
But yet the team is unable to see it.

So either they don’t know what is happening in their own game, or they do and they just don’t care


Ah, well game development takes time so it is a priority thing.

But yeah, as far as PerBlue having actually prioritized things in the order they should is a valid question, however one can’t go back in time so one can only fix the future.

I would at least appreciate if the mercenary gold cost got lowered :-).


Very neat

Wondering when you will add the snail bug to the list that’s been around for many months?

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I would rather that they were permanent. Not waiting for them to pop up.


Well this has been fun.

I guess someone will take over the Chronological guide from me.



Still haven’t fixed Abu’s bug?
Enemies cannot see Abu even when he is visible (even enemies without negative stats)

Merc costs wouldn’t be an issue if the amount of gold won in surge was massively increased but when surge gold haul goes up by 2 mil the mercs cost increase 10 fold

On server 1 mercs cost 130 million gold to hire but at most from 1 district cleared you will make maybe 30/40 mil if your Lucky so each merc hired is a loss of 100 mil gold almost

And now we have badges that cost 200-300 million to craft, meanwhile sign in rewards and battle pass rewards gives minuscule amounts vs what’s needed


To add on I just cleared district 2 in my top 20 guilds surge netted me 50 million with no bonuses but the merc I hired to win cost me 230 million*could have hired cheaper yes
so I took a 180 million loss aka the amount needed to craft 1 badge
I mean it’s pretty cut and dry that mercs costs are a really big issue

As it stands right now best bet is to not hire mercs but then it costs the guild members their mercenary coins


I mean.

Data literally says that the Mercenary Cost is:

2500 + 0.5 * L(evel) …

And the easiest change even without looking into data would be…

Whatever the payout function for surge district is… divided by… if not 5, then like… 3?

I know it’s a lot of theoretizing, but the sooner the merc cost is adjusted, the more the feature will be used…


Please fix these bugs:

  • Timon and Pumbaa’s purple skill is not working properly. Not holding normal critical hits, against Calhoun, Dash, Baymax into and others

  • Abu even visible remains invisible to enemies (even if enemies have no negative status)

  • Yax’s red skill is not draining energy before taking body odor damage.


Their Red skill’s Hakuna Matata re-instance does not have protection against crit hits and thus everyone dies.
I thinn we made @Samm aware of this in the past. Hopefully they will work how they are expected to someday.


If the bug is fixed, it should be removed from the roadmap. I don’t think @Samm added Sarah, and Powerline to the roadmap.

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Right now the feature is unusable to most cause most can’t afford to craft badges raise skills and spend 100+ mil for 1 surge district on the gold they offer us


agreed. They need to increase gold. Everything needs it and its never enough just like stamina

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