Roadmap Update May 23rd

The Roadmap has been updated! Follow the link for a sneak peak into what we’re working on and exciting changes to come.


But Joy wasn’t fixed at all.

Otherwise, nice to see some new things, and toxic moving forward…


A suggestion for this one I saw in another game I play - the medals for Team Levels and Campaign Progress (Normal) could give some VIP rings.

About the “Token Shop Adjustments” may I suggest something I´d call “progressive evaluation”? Basically with every new release the token value of badges of each previous rank is decreased by 5% from the original one.

so… purple badges would be like… 0.95^(releases between P0 and Y28) * the original value.

Y28 badges when Y29 comes would be 0.95 * original value. (as the releases between Y28 and Y29 would be equal to 1)


Ah cool to see that the Invasion Tier are actually going to be improved :-).

Appreciate it and thanks Samm for the Roadmap update as a whole as well ^^.


Roadmap update 23 May

Changes since previous update

No changes:

  • Friendship Stamina Adjustments (“In Design”)
  • Stamina Soft Cap (“In Design”)
  • Adding Bulk open option to all crates (“In Development”) - Scheduled for 5.1
  • New Guild Perks (“In Development”) - Scheduled for 5.1 / 5.2


  • Yellow Rank QoL Improvements
  • Commas for large stat numbers
  • Token Shop Adjustments
  • Team Level and Campaign Medal Rewards
  • Invasion Adjustments


  • “Toxic” Rarity: “In Design” → “In Development”


Bug Tracking:

  • Negative scores in Codebase
  • Wall-E/Flynn Friendship Disk doesn’t trigger PT (Not fixed in 5.0)
  • Joy’s Red skill doesn’t work (Not fixed in 5.0)
  • Pacha doesn’t die sometimes
  • Miguel’s Green skill not working as intended (probably fixed in 5.0)
  • Donald’s purple skill (probably fixed in 5.0)
  • Too many Louies when adding Badges for Tiana (Added)
  • Quasimodo enters battle from the wrong side (Added)
  • Heroes are KO’d in battle but their icon shows alive (Added)
  • Dr. Facilier is missing from Hero filters (Added)

This wasn’t fixed…

But these were…


I thought so too, but there must be a reason they are still on the roadmap?

Updated to “probably fixed”


Just in case?
‘‘Send in a detailed support ticket if you’re still experiencing this bug’’


I’d like to see the Statler & Waldorf disk bug on the Bug Tracking list - the ‘resolution’ thus far is wholly unsatisfactory.


Are we going to get an exclusive hero for the arena/coli rewards soon or stick to older character chips?
What about the loading screen? Is that getting an update? With now over 200 heroes, it’s about time new characters show up on the screen.

  1. No, new heroes are exclusive to Prize wall only or special events

  2. The team already confirmed no new loading screen is planned.


Alright, thanks. Good to know. Sorry if that was already stated and I’m just repeating questions! :sweat_smile:🫣


It’s good to see “Invasion Adjustments” listed, so hopefully the extended reward tiers and additional mod upgrades are a preview of what’s coming. I’m still annoyed that they got turned off so quickly, but if they get added back after going through the various approval processes, I’ll be mollified. (Hopefully sooner rather than later…)


Unfortunately once again
They acted hastily, and angered a lot of players, once again.

If they just stepped back, called it a special invasion we would have got the rewards and wouldnt have minded going back to the old rewards for the time being.

But now some players got 100 tiers if better rewards and some got 65 tiers of meh rewards.

And if history repeats itself, they will eventually compensate us for it anyway
So why go through it all…?


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I mean great, but it was already posted?


Hopefully they will:

  1. Refresh team trials. The drop amounts is meaningless now. I have run out of several purple trial bits

  2. Address the shortage of hero chips, especially for 2 star and 3 star heroes. While I can buy 1 star hero chips from gold crates, I can’t do the same for those

Finger crossed


There are still some things that haven’t been mentioned here:

  1. Abu’s bug: When Abu becomes visible again, enemies, even without negative statuses, cannot hit him. That is, the Abu has the status of invisible being visible.

  2. Chef Skinner’s bug: The battle begins with enemies dying instantly when Chef Skinner is present. It is absurdly unusual damage, and when enemies die the images are still visible as if they were still alive.

  3. Timon and Pumbaa’s purple ability that should reduce crit and supercrit damage, especially for normal crits, seems to not work against Baymax’s initial input, as he comes in with normal supercrits and kills the entire team even with the presence of thymus and pumbaa.

  4. Please check if Yax’s red skill is working correctly.

  5. Improve mod power stamina rewards (that stamina we gained in the invasion)

  6. Optimize green mod gain, attack speed and shield as the value is very small in Arena/Coli rewards


This is his purple skill. It’s especially funny when you put Clawhauser against a line with Skinner.
Oh and the “true damage is dealt whenever someone heals” stays even after Skinner is dead. That is probably the only illogical thing here.

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