Robin's Right-Hand...Bear? - Little John (Likely Concept)

Little John (Robin Hood)

As skillful with disguises as he is with the quarterstaff, Little John repels and beguiles his foes into submission!
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Trial Team: Yellow

“Ooh, what a main event this is! What a beautiful brawl!”


Basic Animations

Entrance: Little John leans in and peeks warily from off-screen, before happily leaping into position, quarterstaff brandished.

Basic Attack: With a sly grin, Little John pokes and prods enemies in melee with his quarterstaff twice–first aiming for the legs and then aiming for the chest.

Victory: Little John tosses his quarterstaff behind him and begins dancing a carefree jig.
– If Little John is Impersonating an ally, a puff of smoke reverts him back to normal.

Defeat: Little John’s quarterstaff snaps in half, and he looks downright astonished and befuddled before fainting backwards in disbelief.
– If Little John is Impersonating an ally, a puff of smoke reverts him back to normal.


:white_circle: White Skill: Master of Disguise

  • The player chooses an ally for Little John to Impersonate. Little John then completely copies all of the ally’s stats and abilities and generates 500% additional Energy while active. The Impersonate lasts for 8 seconds. The additional Energy generation while Impersonating is reduced above level X.
    – While on Auto, Little John will Impersonate the ally with the highest Basic Damage.
    – When Little John reverts back to normal, his Energy will reset to 0.
  • Animation: Little John runs off-screen to the left, a shower of wigs, hats, and dresses arcs through the air, and Little John re-emerges on-screen as a duplicate of the chosen ally. On expiration, a puff of smoke reveals Little John in his fortune teller outfit, which he swiftly discards and continues battling.

:green_circle: Green Skill: Outlaw Strike (:fist:)

  • Little John whacks all enemies with his quarterstaff, dealing X (determined by Basic Damage) Normal damage, dealing up to an additional 300% damage the closer an enemy is to Little John.
  • Animation: Little John smirks at his foes, jumps in place while raising his staff, and both he and his staff smack the ground with incredible force, leaving small fissures in the ground when the attack lands.

:large_blue_circle: Blue Skill: Staff Sweep (:sparkles:)

  • Little John drops low and sweeps his enemies off their feet, dealing X (determined by Basic Damage) Fantastic damage to enemies within double the usual melee range and Stunning them for 8 seconds. This attack deals up to an additional 200% damage the closer an enemy is to Little John.
    – Enemies that resist the Stun or are Stunned for less than 4 seconds are then Slowed by 75% for 6 seconds. This Slow bypasses all resistances but has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.
  • Animation: Little John ducks forward and swings his staff in a wide arc across the enemies’ feet to trip them up.

:purple_circle: Purple Skill: Dodgy Disguise

  • The first time Little John is reduced to 0 HP while Impersonating an ally, he is not KO’d. Instead, the Impersonate immediately expires and Little John retains 50% of his maximum HP. The retained maximum HP is reduced above level X.

:red_circle: Red Skill: Stalwart Sidekick

  • Little John cannot be affected by Flinch. In addition, Little John becomes immune to disables for 4 seconds when he recovers from any disable. The disable immunity is reduced against disables applied by enemies over level X.
  • Any time Little John would Crit a Stunned enemy, he Super Crits them instead.
    +X Basic Damage
    +X HP
    +X Tenacity

Friend Disk Campaigns

:moneybag: Disk #1 - "Old Tricks, New City"
In the expansive digital forest, northwest of the City, Robin Hood and Little John have set up a safe haven for those displaced by the creeps and the villains making the City a less-than-ideal place to live peacefully. Once again, the money for their goodwill projects is running low. Little John suggests they “borrow” some cash from the good Sheriff of Nottingham once more, but Robin Hood scratches his chin, thinking. They know the Sheriff’s methods inside and out, so they can spring him for cash anytime–rather, there’s a whole bounty of miserly creeps (of the non-viral persuasion) living lavishly and selfishly in the City, and Robin Hood decides that it’s time the infamous outlaw duo makes their acquaintance…

  • Partner: Robin Hood
  • "Allies": Mr. Big & Koslov, Jafar, Captain Hook
  • Level Up:
    +X Basic Damage
    +X Skill Power to allies
  • Stars:
    Outlaw Strike now drains 60 (+60 per additional star) Energy from affected enemies and redistributes it evenly to Little John and his allies. If the target falls below 0 Energy, Outlaw Strike also deals 1% additional damage per point of excess Energy removal.

:hot_pepper: Disk #2 - “The Hottest Dish in Town” (:sparkles:)
In her travels to procure the freshest ingredients, Colette comes across Robin Hood’s forest camp, where Little John is preparing his customary stew over a fire pit. After brief introductions, Colette is curious about the smoking concoction the bear-man is working on, and Little John offers her a taste. The high-strung chef is at first incensed by the dish–it’s unbearable heat, and nothing else!–but after a few seconds, everything changes. The flavor profile is incredible! Savory sauce with aromatic herbs, tender meat and earthy mushrooms…with some minimal additions and tinkering with the initial burst of heat to something more controlled, this could be the stew that launches a restaurant to greatness! Colette wants Little John to come with her right away–this dish MUST be shared with the City! Little John, nervous at being put on the spot but thinking that it’d be nice if his specialty stew could make the City’s residents happier, agrees to go with Colette to bring culinary cheer to the masses. Why, he might even find more old shoes to make the soup stock with!

  • Partner: Colette
  • Allies: Anger, Manticore, Mushu
  • Level Up:
    Little John’s basic attacks and skills also deal X Fantastic damage to affected enemies over 6 seconds, bypassing up to X of the target’s Reality
  • Stars:
    The extra Fantastic damage from this disk can stack up to 1 (+1 per additional star) times, refreshing its duration with each application.
    When this effect reaches maximum stacks, affected targets have a 20% (+20% per additional star) chance to have all of their buffs removed. The target is then Blinded while this effect remains fully stacked.

It would be funny if they reused Baloo’s design by changing his fur to brown, and putting clothes on him.

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