Robo Fizzarolli (Unlikely Concept)

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, implings! It’s me, the Robotic Fizzarolli! Shipped from Big Ozzie’s factory to bring you a wonderful show celebrating Loo Loo Land, spelled with Os, to avoid lawsuits!"

This clown ain’t clowning around! Fizzarolli will put on a show for his teammates while keeping the bad guys busy!

Role: Frontline Control
Team Color: Red


White Skill: Flipping Finale

Passive: Fizzarolli dodges an attack every 5 seconds and gives a random ally 1 stack of “Cheer”. Cheer buffs Fizzarolli’s attack speed by 5% for every stack across all allies. If an ally with stacks of Cheer is knocked out, those stacks will be gone. The Cheer buffs cap at 100%. He cannot give Cheer to himself.

Active: Fizzarolli jumps into the air and flips several times, giving 4 stacks of cheer across all allies, and then cartwheels into the enemy team, knocking them back, and dealing X normal damage to all of them.

Green Skill: Loo Loo Band

Fizzarolli dances and sings, buffing him and his allies’ skill power by X, and gives them 1 stack of Cheer each.

Blue Skill: Flipping Out

When Fizzarolli has given 10 stacks of Cheer, he will start spinning like a tornado for 7 seconds, giving himself Reflect for that duration. He also becomes immune to TRUE damage in this state. TRUE damage immunity has a chance to fail from enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: Every Boy, Every Girl

Fizzarolli gains X skill power per stack of Cheer.

Red Skill: Zero Copyright Infringements

Fizzarolli applies slow and sap to enemies he dodges for 5 seconds.
Fizzarolli applies 1 stack of Fatigue to enemies he dodges.
When an enemy with Fatigue tries to buff themselves, Fizzaroli steals that buff, and uses it for himself. He cannot steal Invincibility or Berserk. He only steal one buff every 7 seconds.

+X Tenacity
+X Basic Attack Damage
+X Loo Loo Band Skill Power

Battle Badge

Is charged in battle when: Fizzarolli dodges two times.

Stat Buff: +X HP
Lineup Buff: +X Normal Crit per Red Hero
Effect Buff: Apply Shatter to the enemy that charged him for 7 seconds.


Victory: A group of imp kids gather around him, as he hugs them all, and gives the viewer a smug grin.
Defeat: Lights on green fire, as he twitches and malfunctions, while his face plate burns off.
Entrance: Does a sideflip in the air, and lands, presenting himself while chuckling.
Basic Attack: Lunges an arm forward.



Friendship Campaign: Collaboration Act
Description: Robo Fizz invites himself to The Muppet Show, and gets to know the cast. Kermit takes the offer to let him on, but consequences may soon come.
Heroes: Animal, Lilo, Kronk

Disk: All Proceeds Banked (Ignore Tenacity)
Appearance: A check full of money

+X Normal Crit per Control Hero
When Fizzarolli dodges an enemy, their Tenacity drops to 0 for 3 seconds. (+1 per star)


Friendship Campaign: Do Not Touch The Clown
Description: Joy tries to make Fear face his…fears by making him get along Fizzaroli, who plays around with that fear, and Fear has to try and get over it.
Heroes: Sadness, Gadget, Hades

Disk: Jokes For You (Speedy Dodge)
Appearance: A laughing mask on a stick.

+X Armor
Fizzarolli gains a 5 second attack speed and movement speed boost of 25% after dodging. (+15% per star)

Friendship Campaigns


I love the series he’s from, but since it’s extremely inappropriate, could you please not post anything about it, concepts or otherwise? There are 10 year olds occasionally roaming around the forum. Sorry for the trouble. :sweat_smile:

I mean, there are kinda a few Mortal Kombat concepts floating around here, so it’s kinda nothing new. But I just wanna find out if I HAVE to remove this. ".3.

You don’t have to, but it’d probably be for the better if you did.

Maybe you should add this: Warning! Before reading the concept, please note that the characters is from a cartoon that is not made for kids. Read at your own risks.

Excuse me?

Why are you talking off topic?

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