Robo Fizz (Friendship Campaigns)



Kermit: Well, hi ho, fellow performer! What brings you to the Muppet Show?

Robo Fizz: I couldn’t help but notice your ratings are through the roof! What do you say we collaborate?

Robo Fizz: The Muppet Show AND Loo Loo Land! It’d be a blast, AND it’d pay well!

Kermit: Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to rub shoulders with another set of performers, so…I’ll accept your offer!

Kermit: Name’s Kermit the Frog, by the way! Glad to meet a friendly…person like yourself!

Robo Fizz: I’m the Robotic Fizzaroli, and you aren’t half bad either!

Chapter 1 begins

Fozzie Bear: Kermit, you’re bringing a clown on stage with you? But I thought I was the Clown!

Kermit: You’re a comedian, Fozzie, there’s a difference between a clown and a comedian.

Kermit: And besides, Fizzaroli said he doesn’t do jokes. They’re too “outdated” for him.

Fozzie: Well in that case, the show goes on for old Fozzie! Wokka wokka!

Chapter 1 ends

Robo Fizz: Isn’t this a treat! You’re actually pretty good at the banjo! Better than MY banjo player back home!

Kermit: Well, that’s very nice. Who are your fellow performers anyway? Where are they?

Robo Fizz: Oh, they’re back in Loo Loo Land, but it doesn’t really matter anyway, because they’re machines.

Kermit: Ah. Well, that explains a lot.

Chapter 2 ends

Gonzo: Uhh…Mr. Fizz, if I may ask, what kind of crazy stunts do you do besides those high jumps and flips?

Robo Fizz: Glad you asked! My best stunt yet was catching a bullet between my teeth from a meter away from my face while on fire!

Gonzo: That’s…uhh…wow…very impressive.

Chapter 3 ends

Robo Fizz: Say, who’s the drummer of your band of zoo animals here?


Kermit: There he is.

Robo Fizz: Ah, a walking drum set! Why didn’t I ever think of that? So convenient!


Chapter 4 ends

Robo Fizz: Man, this show biz is makin me hungry! What’s cookin backstage?

Kermit: Let me go check.

Kermit: Hey, Swedish Chef! What are making for your next segment of the show?

Swedish Chef: Oh, I be servin de chicky chicky an servin the mershed pertaters!

Kermit: And for desert?

Swedish Chef: Ah! Permpkin pie and popcern! Poppty poppty popcern!

Robo Fizz: He sure is a mouthful, ain’t he?

Kermit: It’s a long story.

Chapter 5 ends

Bunsen: Well, aren’t you just the specimen? You seem more willing to be my test subject than Beaker here!

Beaker: Mimimi, mimimimi…

Robo Fizz: Why, of course, doc! Whatcha got for me?

Bunsen: I do have some edible paperclips I’ve modified since the last time Beaker tested them. His nose fell off!

Beaker: Mimimi…

Robo Fizz: Let me try a few then for ya, Doc!

Bunsen: Well, what’s the verdict?

Robo Fizz: his head falls off

Beaker: Mimimimimi?!

Bunsen: Oh goodness!

Robo Fizz: Hehehaha, that hit the spot! Almost lost my head!

Robo Fizz: he puts his head back on

Bunsen: How peculiar…!

Beaker: Mimi…

Chapter 6 ends

Miss Piggy: Kermie, this clown is making me feel uncomfortable!

Kermit: Oh, why is that, Miss Piggy?

Miss Piggy: Why? WHY?! His whole getup makes him look like a monster!

Miss Piggy: The long limbs, the killer glare, the TEETH!!

Kermit: But Piggy, I thought you were supposed to be known to have a killer glare!

Miss Piggy: Only when someone is taking MY spotlight! He dares out-glare moi?!

Kermit: Now now, Miss Piggy, it’s not like he’s stealing your act! He’s a new addition, get used to him!

Miss Piggy: He’d better not! I still have fans, and they’re WAITING!! Tell him not to hold up the show so long!

Kermit: Don’t worry, I’m the host here, he always seems to listen.

Chapter 7 ends

Kermit: Wow, this has turned out to be a wonderful show! Maybe you should be here again!

Robo Fizz: Of course! So many new people to explo-I mean perform alongside, better than Loo Loo Land, maybe!

Kermit: Well, whatever you think, you’re always welcome to-

Blitzo: Alright, you limp noodled pansy, show’s over!

Robo Fizz: Ahhh, fancy seeing you here again, Blitzo! A role just now opened up for a new clown now that I’m leaving!

Kermit: Umm…is this a friend of yours?

Blitzo: Stop talking smack, you spineless showboat, START DANCING!!


Kermit: …oh, well…that’s one way to make a dramatic exit…!

Chapter 8 ends

Gonzo: Where’d he go, Kermit?

Kermit: I dunno, Gonzo. Judging by his exit, he’ll probably be gone for a long time.

Kermit: Well, it was nice knowing such an interesting fellow.

Fozzie: Kermit, Kermit! He left a note for you!

Kermit: Oh, thanks, Fozzie! Let’s see here…

Kermit: “Thanks for the collaboration. Now enjoy your half pay.”

Kermit: What does that mean?

Miss Piggy: Kermie!! There’s a pair of imps backstage asking for half of our earnings from the show!!

Kermit: Oh dear…

Fear (Coming Soon…)

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