Rock the block (unlikely concept)



Stars: :star:
Position: Frontline
Role: Tank
Trial team: Blue


Steve crafts whatever he needs to fight with in order to face the monsters of this world may it be armor, swords or even TNT.


Entrance: a hole is dug from the floor and the digger turns out to be steve who jumps out of the hole and covers it with a piece of the same floor.

Victory: Steve eats a victory steak

Defeat: Steve turns red and falls over before disappearing in a puff of smoke

Basic attack: Steve swings his sword at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: TNT (Fantastic damage)

Passive: For the first 5.5 seconds of each wave, Steve starts in the backlines and mines the ground in front of him until he collects enough “materials” which allows him to gain some armor and a new sword from the material he collects then he moves towards the frontlines to fight.

Steve can collect 5 stacks of “materials” per each wave from his mining.

The armor and swords are as followed

Silver armor and sword: 5 materials

Gold armor and sword: 10 materials

Diamond armor and sword: 15 materials

Steve’s armor and attack power is increased by X amount per each armor and sword that steve crafts for himself.

Active: Steve places a TNT block in the middle of the enemy team then he creates a trail of Redstone and a pressure plate then he steps on the plate which makes the TNT block explode, dealing X damage to all enemies, decreasing the duration of all positive effects by 1 second per each buff on the ally team and inflicting 2 stacks of fatigue on each enemy.

Green: Blocked

Steve places blocks in front of himself, giving himself a shield for X amount per each stack of “materials” he has on him when he activates this move.

If Steve has more than 7 stacks of “materials” on him, he cleanses 2 to 4 negative effects off of him and heals himself for X amount.

Each shield lasts for 6 seconds.

Healing and shield amounts are reduced on allies below above LV Z

Blue: Pickaxe swing (True Damage)

Steve strikes the nearest enemy with his pickaxe, dealing X damage to the enemy, stunning the enemy for 4 seconds per each 5 stacks of “materials” on him and inflicting “Shattered” onto the enemy.

Shattered has a chance to fail on enemies above LV Z

Purple: Back in the mine

“Pickaxe swing” increases his normal crit by X amount whenever he hits a enemy with “Shattered” inflicted to them.

Red: Rock the block

Each stack of “materials” on Steve now increases the amount of shield he gains from “Blocked” by 15% per each stack of “materials” on him.

“TNT” now deals X damage overtime for 5 seconds whenever the fatigue from the move wears off.
+X skill power
+X damage to “Pickaxe swing”
+X max HP


Steve/Fix-it Felix
Builders permit
instantly activates “Blocked” when threatened

Steve instantly activates “Blocked” when he falls under 35% of his health.

Steve/Bunsen and beaker
Creative mode
Fatigue decreases damage dealt

Each stack of fatigue decreases the damage dealt to Steve and his allies by 15% per each stack of fatigue on each enemy.

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