Role type crates: Terrible!

I just bought an attack Hero crate deal and I am highly unsatisfied with the results! I only bought it because I was hoping to at least get 10 Madame Mim’s hero chips and I got 0!!!
I understand how crates work and it’s like gambling but seriously perblue? I already had Darkwing at 6 Stars! Why are you giving me over 50 chips for Darkwing when all I wanted was 10 chips for Madame mim!
It’s an attack hero crate for god sakes, the odds of me getting chips for her should have been a lot better than regular diamond crates but instead I got 0!!! At least give us some chips for each attack Hero! Why is that so bad??? Besides Madame mim, I was getting hero chips for people I didn’t even use!
There should be a personalized analytical system for crates that looks at the chips that we already have and gives us the hero chips that we don’t have! So we, the consumers don’t feel like we’re being cheated out of our money!! Why would anybody want to pay for something that they don’t need or want? You’re just making your consumers feel bad for spending money!!!

I will never spend my money on this terrible crate ever again! Now I feel like I wasted my money because your crate system is stupid & highway robbery.


P.s. I know Madame Mim is Diamond crate exclusive right now but that doesn’t change the fact that she still IS an ATTACK type, so she should still be included in the ATTACK crate. Role type crates should be above diamond crates exclusive policy :roll_eyes:

Where in these patch notes does it explain that diamond crate heroes are excluded from role type crates? Even though the Diamond crate Hero at the time could be the same typing as that crate. 🤷
Nor does it explains that before you purchase the deal.

To be fair, this has been the case for all the crates for awhile now. Which is why I stopped bothering with Diamond crates in the first place. The more characters there are in the game, the lower the chance for you to get that one specific new character. It’s just the way this works. Compare it to the lottery, the more people who participate the lower the chance for you to get the jackpot.

Apparently you don’t understand how it works. The odds of you getting chips for Madame Mim in the damage crates are much better than the diamond crates, but the fact is that unless the odds are stated as 100% there is always a chance that you won’t receive what you want. There are currently 76 characters in the game and 31 damage types (we will ignore VIP/sign in etc as a factor). So the odds of you getting chips and them being for Madame Mim are 76/1 from diamond crates and 31/1 from damage crates. Like I said, much better but still poor odds.

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You can’t always get what you want. It is random chance.

Obviously this topic is somewhat dead but it was linked in a recent post and I just wanted to point out the actual odds are much lower than this, because you aren’t guaranteed a hero drop every time

For a full hero, drop rate is 20% which means the odds of a specific hero dropping are now 1/385 from diamond crates, and 1/160 from damage crates :flushed:

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