Rolling Like An Egg

Go Go Tomago


“Woman Up”

Go Go is a mid-line damage hero

Trial Team: Red

Stars: :star::star:


Entrance: Go Go skates into the battlefield

Victory: Go Go crosses her arms and smiles

K.O.: Go Go loses balance of her skates, wobbling, and falls forward

Basic Attack: Go Go grabs a disk from her back and throws it at an enemy, dealing X damage


White Skill: Skating Speed
:fist: Normal Damage
Passive: Every time Go Go performs a basic attack, she gains one stack of “velocity”. For every stack of “velocity” Go Go has, she gains 10% attack speed

Go Go may only have a max of 10 stacks of “velocity”

Active: Go Go skates through the battlefield, dealing X damage to all enemies. Go Go deals an additional X damage for every stack of “velocity” she has

Go Go’s stacks of “velocity” reset every time she uses this skill

Green Skill: Energizing Bubble Gum
Go Go opens up her helmet and pops a pink bubble gum, granting herself 200 energy

Go Go receives less energy if Go Go is above level X

Blue Skill: Burning Tracks
:fist: Normal Damage
“Skating Speed” now burns enemies for 8 seconds, dealing X damage per seconds

Purple Skill: Agile Skater
Go Go now has a 40% chance to dodge attacks

This effect is reduced when attacked by enemies above level X


Go Go - Honey Lemon
“Chemistry Pals”
Basic Attack Stuns
Allies: Kevin Flynn, the Beast, Nick Wilde

  • +X Armor
  • +X Basic Damage
  • Every 3rd Basic Attack, Go Go stuns an enemy for 4 seconds (increases by 0.5 seconds for every added star)

Go Go - Quorra
“Battle of the Grid”
More Velocity
Allies: Joy, Mike Wazowski, Alice

  • “Burning Tracks” deals X more damage
  • Go Go heals X HP whenever she performs a basic attack
  • Go Go can carry 1 more stack of “velocity”


  • Damage

Hope you liked it!


Tarzan and Oogie Boogie coming soon!

After them I’ll do a few renewals of heroes I’ve done before!

Guess Who!

image image

This is very OP but it’s the usual OPness of new characters.

for the quorra disk it said “hole” 1 more stack of velocity

And the summary of the honey lemon disc should have been basic attacks stun

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How is she OP? The chance of her dodging attacks?

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Can’t wait for Tarzan and Oogie Boogie

And then you’re renewing Wasabi and bill cipher?

Yeah. Wasabi was just bad and Bill needs a little redo

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Just a little OP
Here’s a equation

Goofy + GoGo + Woody + Duke + Alice + Quorra disk = 510% increased speed for Gogo


Barbossa can go 400% faster with his active and so can Mr. I when he is below 50% Max HP… so it isn’t really “OP”

Ok you have a point

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