Royal guard in training(unlikely concept)



A 2 star, frontline tank



Entrance:he walks in and does a pose before getting into a battle stance

Victory:he raises one of his hands into the air and cackles

Defeat:his head falls off as his body falls to the ground

Basic attack:a small bone slides across the screen into a enemy, dealing x damage


White:special attack

Papyrus summons three bones from the ground, dealing x damage to the farthest three foes hit and decreasing their attack power for 5 seconds

Green:kiss the cook

Papyrus smells some of his spaghetti which heals himself for x amount.

Blue:your blue now

“Special attack” now inflicts “blue” onto the enemies hit.when the enemies are effected by “blue” their attacks deal 20% less damage to papyrus.

Purple:clever puzzle

Papyrus’s basic attack now decreases enemies attack power when they are “blue”

Red:poor papyrus

When papyrus falls under 30% health, he gains a shield for x amount and heals slowly for 10 seconds.


Warrior training
bones now slowly damage

Papyrus’s basic attack now slowly damages enemies overtime for 7 seconds each.

Fancy alfredo
spaghetti now increases power

“Kiss the cook” now gives him a attack power boost of 35% when his health is full.

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