Ruler of wasteland

Oswald the lucky rabbit

I’m starting to see why he liked you more


Frontline control


Hp: 65

Damage: 76

Skill power:


Basic attack:
Punch dealing x

White attack: helicopter ears
Oswald flys in the air and falls on a enemy dealing 100

Green attack: remote
Oswald uses his remote to charm the enemy for 12 seconds

Blue attack: lucky rabbit
Oswald takes off his leg and is less likely to be attacked for 10 seconds

Purple skill: second chance
After Oswald is defeated, he comes back with half of his hp

Red skill: that’s what heroes do
Oswald buffs his allies health for 10 seconds


Hops in

Melts from thinner

Oswald does a dance


True heroes:
Oswald does more overall damage

Judy hopps
Rabbit heroes:
Oswald has more overall health

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Please post all suggestions

Isnt Oswald already Disney?if so,you can put it on feedback corner instead.but it’s great:)

What does this have to do with anything

Everything.i was talking about Oswald.precisely the main part of this post

This is a concept it would be in hero concept

I love it I’m an epic mickey super fan but I don’t really get why some numbers are replaced by a variable and some aren’t

I love epic mickey.also i give this concept a 9.5/10

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I would die for Oswald but I’d give it an 8/10 just because the numbers confused me

The numbers were basic stats, and some one told me to do x for basic attack

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