This is a entire collection of all of my concepts

Steelbeak: The sarcastic steel beaked rooster (steelbeak hero concept)
Milo Murphy: Milo Murphy concept
Gladstone gander: The luckiest duck in the world
Mortimer Mouse: M. Mouse, famed villain
Hatbox ghost: The maddest hatter (the hatbox ghost concept)
Ezra beane: Haunted mansion Ezra beane hero concept
Della duck: The first duck to explore the moon (concept)
Don karnage: The fearsome sky pirate captain… (concept)
Webby: The cute yet crazy (webby vanderquack hero concept)
Frollo: The judge of Notre dame (frollo concept, that won the villain poll I made, link in the concept)
Smarty weasel: The toon patrol leader (Smarty weasel hero concept)
Negaduck: Let’s go to the negaverse
Cheshire Cat and chessur: The Cheshire cat’s (hero concepts)
Bill cipher: The insane three sided demon
Julius: Runaway brain
The phantom blot: The blot (concept)
Chip and dale: Just two crazy chipmunks
Davy Jones: The locker owner (concept that won my villain poll, link in concept)
Monetary jack and zipper: The cheese loving mouse and a fly
The barker bird: The barker tiki bird
Uncle max: Timon’s uncle (tribute to Jerry Stiller)
Peg-leg Pete: Peg leg Pete (winner of villain contest, link in concept)
Mr. Toad: The fast and the frogiest
King: The king of demons
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Ruler of wasteland
Shere Kahn: The king of the jungle (winner of villain poll I made, link in concept)
Horace Horsecollar: Horace horsecollar
The mad doctor: The maddest mad doctor of all (likely concept)
Judge doom: The judge of doom (winner of my villain poll)

June 1: Roger Rabbit
June 3: baby yoda/the child
June 5: Gremlin Prescott
June 8: big bad wolf (remastered)
June 10: Captain R3X (a.k.a D.J R3X)
June 12: boba fett
June 15: dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz


Will new concepts be added to this also what is Julius from?

1# yes in the comments

2# runaway brain

I think it’d be better if you did this…



What does this have to do with anything

Just a bit too long

8/10 to long for me to scroll on my phone

@Retro_84 how do you do that?

Hit the settings button in the top right corner of the text. And hit “hide details”

Here @xXStevenStrangeXx

Who is kat nipp?

This should explain. He is one of Mickey’s first villains. It can be hard to make though

It’s may 15… where’s kat Nipp?

Concept is coming later, kat nipp will be hard to work with, as he only appeared in 3 shorts

Oh ok I’ve never seen the shorts but I’ve seen him in the comics

I only know this so far, :star: Control frontline

Yeah he’s a weird character, he was like the original grunkle Stan

Yeah very true

Know what, I’m going to move him to a later date due to him well, not having a lot of info, I need to go read some comics

Good Luck :+1:

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