S19 hero tier list (pvp)

I have quit goodbye


Where does Merida fall in the tiers?


High A tier.

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Updated for 1.11.4

Updated for 1.12

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Will Sulley stay C-Tier? I guess we have to wait to know?

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Dang I missed a hero :joy:. Thnx for telling me, I put him in B tier cuz he is decent for tanking

:smile: No problem!

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Will Dash be pretty good after his buffs?

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He might be decent, I don’t think his dps will be comparable to D&B or duke but his armor shred with Vi disk may make him useful

After Sully rework, is he still B?

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Still testing with him, but it looks like that since there is better options for tanks

It looks like you still have Sulley in C tier too.

Yax into B-Tier… Hmm, how better is he?

Fixed Sulley, only in B tier now

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He’s good with certain team compositions after his rework, I haven’t used him much myself though

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True. With the right team on his back, he can stand against Goofy and Bo Peep.

Merida and Jack Sparrow??? Where is it?

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Not in S19

Can you make a tier for Inv? For each team the tier S-A at least, TY!

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