S21 and S22 deals vs everyone elses

Hi, hello, is there a reason server 21 and 22 are milked like crazy with deals? Been in a community of multi server friends, and they get 10x stam potions and everything less than any other servers deals. I dont see it being a “they have less toons” (they dont) or a “they are lower level” excuse. As they get deals i remember at P4/01 area. If that high. Its like their deals have never scaled ever level cap since server opened. Seems players in those servers have been getting taken advantage. Any body else notice this? Perblue any feedback and open to debate the topic and not just close thread or ignore this?



I just included this in the s21 strike post, and it’s more like 20x. We still have had no response on the forums in that thread.


There 5 usd gives 80 battries
10 usd gives 90
20 usd gives 99
30 usd gives 102
50 usd gives 180
100 usd gives 300

Server 21 deals are absolute joke man absolute joke


An example that kept me from spending during last weeks contest, was that S22 was the only server without backpack in the contest raid deal, that had a backpack as advertisement icon.

After I reached out to support, to ask if that’s a mistake (even S21) got a backpack, they quickly deployed a “fix“… changing the icon to a stam icon.


That is just…wow

This is absurd. Justice for s21 and s22. I see their deals daily in the cross-server-discord and what can i say… i feel bad for them actually, especially for those who came too far in progress to abandon the server.


As a player who plays on server 22, this isnjust absurd PB. Why should we have to spend 20 times more than a server who is one rank ahead of us.
If i feel like it is worth it, i dont mind to spend some bucks here and there.
But the more and more deals i see from other servers not that far ahead of us, the more i feel like you are ripping us off.
Not talking about the older servers because they clearly have to spend more than us for their skills and badges.
But server 18 and definitely 19 are not that far ahead yet have deals which are 20 times better.
Care to explain why?


Your post is important, don’t get me wrong.
I just wish people would do their due diligence for existing posts to a topic.
It would make so much more impact!
Plese check out this post. Server 21 purchase strike(all servers welcome)

@Polaris since you guys just ruined the f2p balance be essentially scaling who knows how many accounts to lvl 140 and giving them tons of badges, are we going to start seeing S19 deals? In your August 5th post you directed me to you said you were keeping the items down to keep f2p more fair. F2p is as unfair and dead as it could due to that glitch deal.

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