Save the Future!

String Gummy Cookie

“I don’t have time for this”
An agent of the Time Balance Department from the future, String Gummy Cookie uses his String Gummy Blaster to tie up anyone who considers messing with the timeline.

2:star:red, Backline Damage, Red Team

Entrance: Opens a portal into battlefield
Victory: Smiles
Defeat: Lies Down
Basic Attack: Shoot a random enemy with his String Gummy Blaster, dealing X damage

White Skill: Rampant Clockbot :sparkles:
Shoots all enemies 9 times with his String Gummy Blaster, Dealing damage over time for 9 seconds. While enemies are dealt damage over time, a rampant clockbot attacks from behind the backmost enemy, dealing X damage and decreasing their armor by X

Green Skill: Clockwork Manager
Calls up Smile Detector to scan for metal jellies, gaining energy and healing for X HP

This is what Smile Detector looks like

Blue Skill: Time Balance Department
Each time Rampant Clockbot is activated, He increases his armor, attack, speed, reality and Crit Chance.

Purple Skill: Time is over
Whenever Rampant Clockbot is active, instead he shoots 5 more times and damage over time to all enemies for extra 5 seconds

Red Skill: Timewalker
For each damage over timed enemy in battle, if enemy has been damaged over time with more than 50% Max HP, saps the enemy for 6 seconds. Whenever he’s healed by Smile Detector, gains a shield that lasts 5 seconds. While he has a shield, he can’t be healed by Smile Detector again.

+X Attack
+X Crit Chance
+X Tenacity

Battle Badge
Charge Condition: DoT is applied to enemies
Stat Buff: + Speed
Lineup Buff: + Skill Power per Red Team Ally
Effect Buff: Team Energize


String Gummy Cookie/ Twizzly
Campaign: From the Future
Disk: TBD’s most wanted
Disk Effect: Stuns enemies after DoT effect
+X Armor
+X Tenacity
+X Crit Chance

String Gummy Cookie/ Croissant
Campaign: Future Director of the TBD
Disk: Key to the Director’s Office
Disk Effect: Immune to sneak attacks
+X Attack
+X Reality
+X Evasion

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