Scare because we care (likely concept)

Mr. Waternoose


1 star, backline control

“There is nothing more toxic or deadly then a human child, a single touch could kill you!”


Entrance: Mr. Waternoose runs to his position

Victory: Mr. Waternoose sips a cup of coffee and chuckles

Defeat: Mr. Waternoose covers his face with his arms as he gains a shocked look on his face

Basic attack: see passive


White: banishment

Passive: instead of a normal basic attack, Mr. waternoose instead sips a cup of coffee, healing himself for X amount, giving himself X% energy and increasing his attack speed by 40% for 5 seconds

Active: Mr. Waternoose “banishes” the foe with the highest evasion and traps them in a door which leads to the Himalayas for 10 seconds. when the foe returns, they are frozen for 10 seconds and cannot gain energy while they are frozen for those 10 seconds

Green: We need this

Mr. Waternoose pulls out a scream canister and opens it slightly, the scream that comes out of it scares all enemies for 5 seconds and prevents each foe from gaining any energy for those same 10 seconds.

Blue: silence anyone

Mr. Waternoose dodges a close-range attack and slaps the enemy who tried to attack him. dealing X damage to the foe, knocking them back and silencing the enemy for 5 seconds.

Purple: jump and growl

Each time that an enemy tries to gain energy in battle, waternoose steals 25% of that energy from the foe and gives it to himself and the frontmost ally.

Red: Energy crisis

Mr. Waternoose applies “top scarer” to the frontmost ally, the ally with “top scarer” gains 30% energy immediately and becomes immune to knockbacks and scares.

The ally with “top scarer” now instantly activates their white skill no matter how much energy they have when mr. waternoose activates
“Banishment.” While also gaining “energize” when their white skill ends.
+X skill power
+X armor
+X Max HP


Mr. Waternoose/Randall
Fear factory
allies gain energize when threatened

Allies now gains energize when they are below 35% of their health.

Mr. Waternoose/Lock, Shock and Barrel
Scare because we can
longer scares and silences

All scares and silences to enemies now lasts 4 more seconds.

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