Scare floor janitors (monsters inc concept series 2/4)

Needleman and Smitty


1 star, mid-line damage

“Quiet! You’re making him lose his focus!”

These two janitors on the scare floor uses a door shredder to deal some real damage while also trying to let their allies keep their focus


Entrance: Needleman and Smitty rush in pushing a door shredder into the battlefield

Victory: they stand in awe of their allies

Defeat: needleman shuts smitty up by covering his mouth

Basic attack: see passive


White: wild ride (fantastic damage)

Passive: instead of a basic attack, Needleman and Smitty put a door into the shredder and shreds the door which increases allies armor by 30% per each door they shred.

Active: the door shredder malfunctions and then drives wildly into the enemy team, dealing x damage to each enemy, knocking each enemy back and stunning each enemy for 5 seconds.

Green: tape marking

Every third basic attack, Needleman tapes up the enemy with the highest evasion with yellow caution tape, this prevents the enemy from moving for 5 seconds and also prevents the enemy from gaining buffs or healing until the tape is removed.

Blue: don’t lose focus

Needleman scolds Smitty for making allies lose their focus, this gives “precise” to all allies, gives them all X armor and decreases the cooldown of all green skills.

Purple: Dead door

Every basic attack now gives the duo a shield for x amount for 3 seconds.

Red: Ruining the scene

“Wild ride” now removes shields from enemies when they are under X percent of the shields health.

“Tape marking” now saps the target enemy when the skill wears off while also removing a buff they already had before they got “taped”
+X damage to “Wild ride”
+X skill power
+X reality negotiation


Needleman and Smitty/Sulley and Boo
Forbidden door
shields prevents sapping
+X health to shields

All shields given to allies now prevents them from being sapped by any source until the shield is destroyed or removed.

Needleman and Smitty/Jack skellington
Pumpkin shredder
longer tape
+X increased damage to sapped enemies

“Tape marking” now lasts 3 seconds longer.


Upcoming concepts

:brain::man_scientist:: Dr. Finkelstein (The nightmare before christmas)
:crown::three:: King George III (Hamilton)
:black_large_square::pick:: Steve (Minecraft)
:penguin::kite:: Bert (Mary Poppins)
:skull::guitar: : Hèctor (Coco, remake)
:doughnut::beer:: Homer Simpson (The simpsons, remake)

Is the last one CLAWHOUSER :man_shrugging:

No it’s not clawhauster

Awww, that’s a shame

It’s Homer Simpson

Mmmm… doughnut

Mary poppins I think

you are close…guess again

Is the first one Dr. Finkelstein?


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Anyone else want to guess the other upcoming concepts?

The skull and the guitar is Ernesto De La Cruz

The penguin and the kite is Bert

Oooooooo…so close

You are correct!! (And its bert…not bart)

Then the skull and guitar has one other person. And that’s Hector. Right?

That is correct!!

I’m taking a wild guess and the black box and the pick axe is Enderman from Minecraft. And as for the crown and the three. I’m gonna guess Aurora.

Aye!! You are so close!!

Nope…you’ll probably not know this character as he is only featured in a Broadway musical

Okay, so we know now that it some on from Minecraft. So, my next guess would have to be Steve or Alex. Because they are the only ones in the game to use a pick axe and they both have a blocky design.

Steve is correct!!

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