Scrooge is a highly underrated character!

Am I the only one who finds Scrooge Mcduck a whole lot better than people rank him? I’ve been using him for a while and I can honestly say that he’s amazing! His skills are very strong and can clear out a lot of opponents with ease! So why isn’t anyone else besides me using him? My theory is that it’s because nobody has ever really given him a chance to try him out. People always look at what the highest ranked people are using and see people using hamm, Wasabi, Max, Kermit, and Mr. Big! They don’t want to use other characters because if the “pros” are using them then they must be S tier and everything else is just garbage! Do not be that person! Any character can be amazing! Yes even Ralph if you try! So don’t limit yourself to only 5 characters and shun the others away! Be unique! Be yourself! Try the characters that you think that would make no sense to use and who knows? They might be S tier but nobody knows because they don’t use them. Remember everyone: it’s just a game. So let’s all have fun! :slight_smile:


Scrooge is one of the worst. Was told why, many times!


Scrooge is my strongest hero :joy:

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:slight_smile: that’s good!

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Explain what you mean. I’ve been using him for a long time and I’ve seen no problems at all

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Yes that is true xD

Dies before using his white. Too reliant on white to do basically anything.

Well it’s lucky that he always starts with his white lol plus his other skills help him even more :slight_smile:

On auto that barely matters… he needs stacking to really do something… and for that you need time and manual play.

That’s where you are wrong lol I’ve been only using auto and that’s when he’s an absolute beast xD

Okey, how you modded him?

Boosted his purple skill (though it was a misclick I was trying to do his blue skill but it’s good lol) and he’s got Hercules friend chip

For me it is very strong Uncle Scrooge … I always use it

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Another thing. He deals Fantastic Damage but has no Fantastic Crit whatsoever.

I used to use him and he was pretty underrated a while ago. Don’t remember him ever being popular.

For now, there are just way too many better options, I hope he gets a refresh though cause I really like him


Tbh he doesn’t need it lol

There are faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better damage dealers then.

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I mean what level are you at, if it’s in the orange ranks before evasion and huge reality numbers, I can see him still being good at that rank

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That would be cool! Maybe more healing and possibly more coins to throw? That would be amazing!

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