Seize Your Moment (Coco Series 1/4)

I am collaborating with @Imagineer_V with a Coco Concept Series. Hope you enjoy!

Ernesto De La Cruz

“And Héctor was my best friend, success doesn’t come for free, Miguel. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to… seize your moment. I know you will understand.”

Ernesto, a murderer and a traitor, uses his well known songs to charm his enemies.

Star Level: :star: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Middle
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: Walks onto the battlefield as a spotlight shines on him
Victory: Tips his hat and does a bow
Defeat: Looks shocked as a bell falls on him
Attack: Strums his guitar as music notes seek enemies

White Skill: Remember Me (Normal Damage)
Ernesto plays a charming tune for the enemies, charming them for 8 seconds. Enemies that weren’t charmed are instead stunned for 10 seconds. Enemies that aren’t charmed or stunned by this skill are dealt X damage.

The charm and stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Green Skill: Seize Your Moment (Normal Damage)
Ernesto plays a loud note, dealing X damage to all enemies and silencing them for 10 seconds. Disabled enemies are dealt an additional X fantastic damage and their durations of their active disables are doubled.

The silence and the disable duration doubling have a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Heaven and Earth (Fantastic Damage)
Ernesto toasts with the enemy with the most skill power. Ernesto heals for X HP and granting him 300 energy, and the enemy is stunned and are dealt X damage per second for 7 seconds.

Purple Skill: Whatever It Takes
Ernesto gains X skill power each time he KO’s an enemy, up to a max of X.

The skill power gained is reduced when KO’ing enemies above level X.

Red Skill: Musical Power
Ernesto takes 50% less damage from all sources while enemies are disabled by him.

When enemies are charmed by “Remember Me”, they lose X HP and 20% of their energy and is redirected to Ernesto.

This effect is reduced against enemies above level X.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Max HP
+X Armor
+X Damage to “Heaven And Earth”


Hades (202)
Living And Dead
Curses Enemies
+X Reality
• “Remember Me” and “Seize Your Moment” curses enemies for X (+3 per star level) seconds.
• Cursed enemies lose X armor.

Powerline (204)
Powerful Sound
Energy When Enemies Stunned
+X Basic Damage
• Ernesto gains XX (+20 per star level) each time an enemy is stunned.
• Stunned enemies are dealt X damage per second while stunned.


Very nice concept

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