Sentential Of The Depths (CR Ocean Series 9/10)

Apologies if this is later than expected. Here’s the last entry for the Cookie Run Ocean series on my Half.

Lobster Cookie


“One punch from my claw is all that I need!”

As long as the Crystal-Clawed guardian draws breath, no enemy would dare to endanger Lobster Cookie’s team. He preforms various techniques to strike down enemies.

Stars: :star: :star:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: Slams onto the ground, like Mr Incredible
Victory: Raises claw up high as it starts to shine a bit
Defeat: Crystal claw breaks off
Attack: Strikes enemies with claw

White Skill: Crystal Strike (Normal Damage)
Lobster Cookie preforms a triple aerial strike, dealing Y damage with the first 2 strikes. The final strike will deal X more damage, stun enemies for 9 seconds, and knocks them back.

Green Skill: Claw Charge (Normal Damage)
Lobster dodges an attack that deals more than 15% of his Max HP in a single hit and counters by charging forward with his claw, dealing Y damage and knocking them back. Lobster can counter once every 10 seconds.

Blue Skill: Relay Revival
Once per wave, when Lobster Cookie is KO’d, he revives, heals X HP and gains 300 energy and Y armor.

Purple Skill: Crystalized Radiance
Lobster’s basic attacks, “Crystal Strike”, and “Claw Charge” now deals bonus damage equal to 50% of Lobster’s armor.

Lobster gains 2% more armor every 1% HP he is missing.

This effect is reduced against enemies above level Z.

Red Skill: Guardian’s Honor
Lobster Cookie’s allies gain 100% of his armor as basic damage and 100% of his reality as skill power.

Every 3 times Lobster crits, his reality increases by 15%, up to a max of 150% more reality. This buff is carried from wave to wave.

The basic damage and skill power buffs are reduced on allies above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Max HP
+Z Armor
+Z Reality

Friendship Disks:

Faced With Greatness
Steal Armor
+Z Basic Damage to Lobster Cookie and Tank role allies
+”Crystal Strike” and “Claw Strike” steals Z armor from enemies damaged
• When Lobster Cookie uses “Relay Revival”, he grants allies a shield equal to 20% (+20 per star level) of his armor that lasts 8 seconds.
• Lobster Cookie deals 25% (+25 per star level) more damage to enemies with reduced armor.

Crystal Clearance
Gain Energy on Defense Buff
+Z Damage to “Crystal Strike”
+Z Skill Power
• When Lobster Cookie gains an armor or reality buff not from “Crystalized Radiance”, he gains 30 (+30 per star level) energy.
• “Crystal Strike” also heals Lobster Cookie HP equal to 30% (+30 per star level) of his armor.

X=Skill Power
Y=Basic Damage
Z=Level Dependent


I don’t know what cookie run is but it looks like a good concept.

It’s a game.

Ohhhhh cool.

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