Keeper of the temple (CRO series finale)

This is it…this is finale for my part of the cookie run ocean series with good friend @Tragic-Magic…I hope you all enjoy today’s concept!!

Mocha ray cookie


1 star, backline support

“I sometimes ponder if my choices were wrong”


Entrance: marine life make up a silhouette of mocha ray cookie before they then swim off and reveal mocha ray cookie.

Victory: mocha ray cookie smiles

Defeat: mocha ray cookie falls to the ground

Basic attack: a random sea creature swims through the battlefield, dealing X damage to each enemy it passes through.


White: Great stingray

Mocha ray cookie summons a great stingray and it swims through the enemy team, dealing X damage to each enemy it passes through and healing all allies for X amount for every enemy damaged by the stingray.

Green: pearl’s radiance

A pearl appears behind mocha ray cookie and begins to shine bright, blinding all enemies for 10 seconds and giving all allies X% energy.

Blue: Lantern jellyfish

Lantern jellyfish (mocha ray’s pet) enters the battlefield alongside mocha ray cookie, lantern jellyfish has X health and only attacks by glowing brightly which blinds nearby enemies for 5 seconds and gives each nearby ally X% energy.

Purple: Electric barrier

At the end of “great stingray”, every ally in front of mocha ray cookie gains a shield of X amount for 20 seconds, each hit done to the shields given out by mocha ray cookie deals X damage to the attacking enemy and gives the shielded ally X% energy per hit to the shield.

Red: enchanting mocha

All blinds to enemies steals X% energy for each blind dealt to each enemy.

Every third basic attack heals mocha ray cookie for X amount and gives her a single stack of hardy.
+X Max HP
+X Skill power
+X Armor


Mocha ray cookie/Moana
Spirit of the sea
more energy stolen

All energy stolen is now doubled by X%.

Mocha ray cookie/Lobster Cookie
Medal of co-operation
stronger shields

All shields on allies are now X% stronger when they have X% energy.

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