Sequels confirmed for Frozen, Zootopia & Toy Story

Bob Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, made a triple announcement a few hours ago :

  • Frozen III is officially in development at Walt Disney Animation Studios! It will be the first time that one of their animated classics will be declined in a trilogy. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and her husband confirmed their comeback to writing the songs of this third movie.

  • Zootopia 2 is officially in the works! Jared Bush is confirmed to be back at directing.

  • Iger also confirmed the comeback of the Toy Story franchise with a 5th movie. Tim Allen is confirmed to be back at voicing Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 5.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this :smiley:

I’m personally over-excited for Frozen III and Zootopia 2, but TS5 is a disappointment. Toy Story 4 was already controversial, as the 3rd had such a perfect ending.
The Incredibles franchise was much more prone to a sequel considering the very open ending of Incredibles 2 - showing the family still fighting against crime together - and the fact that it’s the 4th highest grossing animated film of all time (and the 1st Pixar, before Toy Story 3). That’s a shame!


I am cautiously very excited but also really very concerned & confused about this decision…

Based on the way Iger’s announcement was worded, it sounds like he ordered these sequels because of their profitability and not because they realized there’s more story that needs to be told. How that will affect the stories remains to be seen but hoping they will be good.

Also, a lot of disney’s latest films have been, well, not good at best, polarizing and destructive to the studio at worst. Iger promised to try and quiet down the controversies and I really hope we can hold him to that, it would be nice to watch a Disney movie again without it being the centre of a culture war and just be good fun for everyone.

Even still, I don’t fully trust Disney with Frozen yet lol. But my hope is that they will bring Elsa back to Arendelle, and also that TS5 will bring Woody and Bo back to Buzz and the gang somehow.


I mean, I’m happy that Mr. Bob Iger is fixing all the damage that “sorry excuse for a CEO”, Bob Chapek, had done, when he was still in the position…and that I’m totally game for “Zootopia 2”, kinda hesitant for “Frozen 3”, but do we REALLY need a 5th “Toy Story”?

Coming from someone who hasn’t seen the 4th (I’m sorry…), people have made their mixed remarks, that it kinda botched the perfect ending, that was the 3rd.


Very bad.

Even worse, what’s the point of 5 movies? 3rd ended very well, and then 4th… worse but it still.

It’s… best news around. But still worrying due to WHY they make it.

Greed will win and it will be as bad as most of live-action remakes, most likely.

Disney isn’t Dreamworks, they can’t do good sequels, they only making them for money. They could instead make sequel for less popular movies to bring them to the new generation, thus making first movie out of the shadows too, but no… Disney is too greedy for that.

That doesn’t look like that, just greed for money.
At least in last years we got some new movies… and one of them was Encanto… Disney’s best movie of this century (so far).


“Greed for money” BY Bob Chapek. And my statement still stands.

Confession: I haven’t seen it. :confused:


I thought Pixar conformed no more sequels to Toy Story and now it looks like Toy Story is gonna be the second animation franchise with 5 movies

We already know now that Elemental comes out June 16th and Wish comes out November 22nd and Elio comes out March 1st 2024 and Inside Out 2 comes out June 14th 2024. Now It’s either November 2024 or 2025 that Zootopia 2 and Frozen 3 would come out and Toy Story 5 would probably come out either in 2025 or 2026

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Zootopia 2 has potential to be a good movie (also because Zootopia doesn’t have a sequel yet), but I’m somewhat worried for Frozen III and Toy Story 5.

Frozen II was a great finish and nice ending and I wouldn’t know what more story there is to tell actually.

Toy Story 5 is even more worrying, cause how are you going to make a Toy Story without Woody? I’d rather have had a sequel to Lightyear that would actually come a bit more close to the story of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. (With a real Zurg and Buzz and his team actually doing Space stuff)

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I don’t think a 5th Toy Story is such a good idea. Andy left for college, Woody, a crucial character in the series, left the gang to be with Bo and Don Rickles is dead so they can’t use Mr. Potato Head unless they recast him (highly unlikely). What more can they do?

For Zootopia, I think this a good opportunity to expand on their lore. They can bring in other species other than mammals like birds, fish and reptiles.

For Frozen, it’s much like Toy Story, what else can they do. Elsa left Arendelle, Anna became queen and is engaged to Kristoff and Olaf is… Olaf. There is no more to be said.



If you catch my drift.

(Hint: it’s not what you think)


Let’s not forget that Estelle Harris who played Mrs. Potato Head is dead too and they did recycle Mr. Potato Heads lines in the 4th movie

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Zootopia 2 Frozen 3 and Toy Story 5 should be good

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Zootopia 2 yes but toy story 5 and frozen 3 I just don’t know what to say…

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I think Bellwether should back to seek revenge on Judy and Nick

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That’s actually a pretty good theory.

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Yeah for life and I believe they probably let Lionheart out of prison after the movie and so don’t mean in the credits because he was still in prison during Gazelle’s concert

I’m. Not sure I expect a new villian will come for a change.

Honestly I was thinking reptiles too. They could do the prey vs predator plot but change it to mammal vs reptile. Also since reptiles are almost always evil in movies they could do a reverse villan where the reptiles leader seems like a bad guy but is actually good. Opposite of bellwether in zootopia 1

I have a theory for all 3 movies

For Zootopia 2 and it’s that Mayer Bellewether probably gonna escape from jail and cause more trouble

For Frozen 3 some bad guy would want to take over the enchanted Forrest and Arendelle and it would be up to Elsa and Anna to save the day and Anna and Kristoff would get married Olaf would meet a new friend and Sven would just continue to be loyal to Kristoff and help Olaf

For Toy Story 5 Woody would randomly see Andy and would want to head back to Bonnie so he’ll never know where he was

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You think that Zootopia 3 has been announced I don’t think so

Oh it was just an error I fixed it

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