Sequels confirmed for Frozen, Zootopia & Toy Story

It doesn’t matter. Bellwether doesn’t have to be a villian in zootopia 2 just cause she was a villain in the first movie. The directors could just scrap her from the sequel.

Yeah I think these theories will probably happen. but in the mean time we just have to wait.

I think there was talk of having a reptile city early on in the first movie’s development, so maybe they’ll bring that back.

These all sound incredibly generic and I find no reason for Bellwether to be brought back

In almost all if not all of Disney’s cannon sequels the same villain is never brought back (Medussa, King Candy, Hans, Hephalumps and Woozles). Instead they are either replaced by other villians (Mcleach, the backson) or replaced by an obstacle the characters must overcome (spirits in frozen II, Ralph’s jealousy in ralph breaks the internet)

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Ummm… says who?

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Jesus… first yes now bellwether

This doesn’t mean she will come

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Veruca Salt mentality :skull:

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I couldn’t care less tbh.

Or, here me out here, they bring in the Norse gods.

Picture this:

Loki, (not Marvel’s Loki) a Hades-like villain (but more cool headed) wants to set off Ragnarok (the fall of Asgard and the gods or Aesirs in Norse lore) after being banished from Asgard with the help of his subordinates, Fenrir (a wolf demon), Jormangandr (the World Serpent). The only way to do that is to find Ahtohallan, which is actually the bifrost.

Odin, seeing Loki’s campaign calls forth the help of Elsa to find Loki and defeat. Of course, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf join her and they would gain the help from other gods like Thor (not Marvel’s Thor), Heimdall, and Lady Sif. Along the way, Elsa will learn that her mother was actually Freyja, the goddess of love, which makes Elsa and Anna demi-goddesses and together they must put an end to Loki schemes before he and his allies destroy the world.

Ok now will you plz stop saying that bellwether will be coming. cause you have already said this.

I never said she isn’t coming back.

Either bellwether is coming back or yess gets added to DHBM, which are you picking?

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Idk cause if yes gets added them the spammer can zip it but bellwether would be better than yes so it’s a hard choice

Ok, because you said Bellwether, Yess can’t come to the game!!!

And now everybody is happy expect the spammer and yes fans

You guys aren’t particularly helping the situation any by feeding into it like this…


Myeong has a point.

I’m mostly excited for inside out 2 and zootopia 2, Toy Story 5, however, something in between, little bit awesome, I think? I hope Tom hanks reprising his voice for woody again.

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