Server 1 Lag

Hello everyone! We’re digging into some backend things today and wanted to ask if players on S1 are still having lag issues. ONLY SERVER 1 PLAYERS PLEASE

If you are still seeing lag on server 1 please give us as much info as you can on when and where you are seeing the lag.

Thank you so much!


Yeah my games lagging in chat, invasion, war.

Shops invasions and war I’m also lagging on. Invasions I have currently given up on now


Yes iI’ve been experiencing considerable lag for a good while now.

Yes. Lag in Invasion, all shops ( more in invasion shop), trials and chats.

I’ve been experiencing it too- get it in invasion, in shops, in trials and when opening chat. Had it in Surge yesterday too

Things begins to lag around times when things change over. 10:00am est, noon, 1:00pm est and so forth.

Can you please give us more information on the lag you’re seeing?

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Shops you can’t buy from or it freezes. Invasions is so slow now or your bot gets stuck. I’m having to keep logging in and out. Trials it freezes especially if you quick fight

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Lag in war. Cost two runs with same toons. Put in ticket.

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Sometimes it completely crashes when I try to battle. Also some frames freeze for a few seconds when I’m checking out a hero.

Experienced huge lag in Invasion today— when trying to quick fight my invasion bot the game just froze… then i reloaded the game and it said someone was attacking but really there wasn’t. It cleared up after about 5 minutes. Wasn’t very happy

Yes, more lag in “Heroes”

invasion shop is significantly slower to respond to taps than the other shops

resetting city watch can sometimes hang for up to a minute, and can also break completely if the game is interacted with or restarted while it’s hanging

shops can sometimes take 5-10s to reset after Reset button is pressed. If it’s during an otherwise heavy load time (war/surge end, deal cycle, daily event cycle etc) then reset can take up to a minute

the game in general seems to slow down considerably during these daily reset times, I usually close and try again a few mins later when things have settled


Heavier lag in most shops, when switching to buy screen and buying items, especially for Invasion recently. Always been generally bad in invasions & city watch (which has become impossible even on Easy as all enemy champs start completely maxed out & stayed so since February) but general lag seems much worse elsewhere lately.

Heists lag when starting of battle for me, most of the time have to exit he game and come back (to find a gem was stolen by the thief Becuase couldn’t move and someone else didn’t cover it yet)… sometimes the adding boosts screen in invasion lags too.

All the stores I go to for badges and hero chips are lagging

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I’ve noticed lags in heists, even logging on takes forever. I thought it was because of the last os update but nope still laggy

Lag bad in invasion today. It’s been off and on lag in shops.

My games have been lagging since yesterday.

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