Server 21-22 "Broken" stamina deal refund was DENIED

I bought the pack, you took my stamina, then you sent the message in-game stating it was ok to request a refund “with no consequence to your game account.” I request my refund through the automated system with iTunes-DENIED…I appeal the decision-DENIED…I call apple support-DENIED…and now they’re telling me that they don’t have the ability to do that and to contact the app developer for a refund…now what??


wow that’s not cool. you totally deserve a refund.

@Polaris, any explanation on what Lady_Gold can do for a full refund?

I had the same issues with Apple. I’ve been told by others that they’ve had no problems getting refunds before so it’s kind of curious. The first denial was that I didn’t provide supporting information with my claim and yet I did so a support agent said that it looks like it was a glitch and put the claim in. I was denied again and asked for a reason and they said that one wasn’t available. I escalated it and was told that the reason was “all sales are final”. How can you have a refund claim option then deny the claim with “all sales are final”. I apparently have one more shot where I included @Polaris’s statement that refunds are allowed. They said that if it goes through then it can create precedence for others claims. They also asked that I reach out to our game liaison for assistance to have PB make arrangements to Apple.

I am not suggesting any fowl play here but I find it curious that people got android refunds before the refund announcement and yet not after and also find it curious that Apple has been know to provide refund without question and people are also having issues.

@polaris can you help us with issues we are having with our game providers?

Thank you


That is the first time i hear something like that.


That’s a first for me as well. I’ve never had a problem like this with apple. The few times I’ve had issues it’s been pretty smooth. She said if it were a subscription to an app that she could help me but that because it was in game items they couldn’t do it. Which I also know to be untrue. I’ve played ffxvane for years and I know lots of people that have been issued refunds over in game items.

I had the same issue with Apple for the refund.

Polaris : in the first place, I bought the offered stamina deal and paid for it, you removed the stamina from my account without my consent. This amounts to theft and I hereby reserve my right against you for what you had done.

You then offered the refund but it was denied by Apple.

This error was caused by PerBlue and the balance of the community was distorted and you failed to rectified the issue until now.

I am really upset with the experience in this game. I will not consider to spend a penny in this game until and unless there is a satisfactory solution to this issue by PerBlue.

I am sorry if refunds are being denied, but we have no control over Apple or Google. We do not have the ability to refund purchases so I do not know why their support people would say that. We do not have a way to contact them and request or approve refunds on behalf of players. Sometimes the stores will ask that we reissue the deal, but we cannot do that in this case. This was a broken deal and we did issue compensation for the stamina that was removed.



So what will be the fix for the current situation?

You offered a deal but you did not honor after it was accepted and payment made.

You offered a refund but you took no step to ensure it can be processed.

You claimed to have made compensation but never to the same value that we expected from the deal broken unilaterally by you.

Is this the way how PerBlue treated an agreed contract?

I’m not going to rehash the entire conversation again, but you can read all the steps we took here.


@Polaris any updates to why the 2 servers only got this error of a deal yet? I still dont understand why this was, servers 21 and 22 been around for a while. And I also assume the basic coding for the game is based on an algorithm for the servers as a whole.

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Make copies of this post and share the link with Apple and Google for refund

It’s unacceptable to take back what players paid for and give them something else they didn’t buy

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