Premium Stamina Deals on Servers 21-22

Today there was an error with deals that included excessive numbers of Premium Stamina Items. These “Guaranteed Cosmetic Crates” and “Badge Crate” deals were not supposed to include stamina items. The number of Premium Stamina Items granted in these packages was more than 10x what typically appears in deals on Servers 21-22. These broken deals were only offered to a small proportion of players, but the number of stamina items purchased had a great impact on the stamina economy. We reviewed a number of options to mitigate the impact on the server economy as much as possible. Although we considered offering everyone the deal, ultimately it was decided that doing so would further widen the gap between free to play players and payers. In addition, if we had gone this route we would have needed to increase the server cap and rarity even faster than usual for a period of time to account for the excess stamina, which we know is not popular with players. After much discussion, we’ve decided that removing the extra stamina is the best course to maintain the health of the servers overall. We will also be giving out compensation packages to all players, the details of which are outlined below.

During the server downtime we are removing any Premium Stamina Items players received as a result of purchasing these particular deals. We are replacing the removed stamina with a generous compensation package. We recognize that some people may have already spent some of the purchased stamina, so the compensation package scales based on the amount of unspent stamina. For every 500 Premium Stamina items removed, we’re sending the affected players a bundle worth $100 in value that includes: 10x Diamond Crates, Red Skill Chip Crates, Gold, Badge Tokens, and Ultra XP Drinks. As an additional apology to all players for this inconvenience, we’ll also be sending a comp package to everyone on the server of 200 Premium Stamina items.

We’ve identified the cause of this mistake and are taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We want you to have confidence in our systems and we apologize sincerely for the mistake. We take these matters extremely seriously and have tried to balance rectifying the situation swiftly with making sure it is as fair to all of you, our players. In addition to these measures we will be running a 2x Normal Campaign Drop event on Saturday and Sunday of this week, we will be doing a bigger-than-usual increase in deal value in the near future, and we will be delaying the level and rarity increase that would have normally been scheduled for next week. (To clarify, the increase in deal values and delay of the rarity increase is for servers 21 and 22 only).

This is the first time with the solo deals that we’ve had an issue where we’ve removed items from a purchase. Due to this, any player who purchased one of the broken deals and had their stamina removed, we are going to allow you to request a refund for those transactions with no consequences to your game account.

We cannot issue the refunds ourselves. All payments are processed through Apple, Google, Samsung, or Amazon so you will need to contact them for the refund.

For Apple iOS purchases:
Visit Apple Support and follow the steps there.

For Google Android purchases:
Please follow these step from Google Support .

For Samsung Galaxy Apps purchases:
Visit Samsung Support, choose Galaxy Store, and then “Payment/Purchasing”.

For Amazon store purchases:
Visit Amazon Support for Digital Games and Software support.

Please be aware that this exception is ONLY for these specific deals. Any other purchases that are refunded will still be subject to suspension.


This seems like it’s the fairest option for all involved and tbh delaying the cap raise isn’t really necessary if you ask me I don’t see how this bonus stamina could affect that


You guys will be sending that if we buy the $100 deal or you guys are giving us that for free?


What about the people who get 16k diamond and crates for 5 usd???


So the people who spent all of their stamina get to keep everything? (Which I agree is fair) but are then given the same perks to the people who were not able to receive the stamina? This does not fix it for the people who were not provided the deal fairly, as seeing most player spent a decent amount of their stamina earned from these mistake deals.


All servers?


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Wow, I wish I had spent all my stamina like many of the others did…


This doesn’t even address the problem. How are we supposed to be confident moving forward when this was botched? As someone who wasnt offered the deal you effectively set me back of no fault of my own.


So, no plan to address the other servers where this is also an issue, just not as catastrophically stupid?

Are you going to take away the Stam from players on other servers too and compensating them?

8k stamina + 8k gems for 10 bucks on s18, while isn’t game breaking, is still a significant advantage.


As for the entire guilds in s21 that have all members that started 4 days ago with level 140 accounts and red maxed heroes…what are you doing to remedy that extreme imbalance?

Ty for your reply


So how do I get a refund? No way you are getting me worth what I expected when I spent what I spent. I barely got to use my stamina so now I will sit back and watch it all be taken away…


Funny how you online one can get away with shady practice… imagine going into a store buying x items that were on sale and once you get home they double charge your account cause they made a mistake with the sale… shady absolutely shady…tbh if I haven’t been playing for as long as I have and spent as much as I have I would walk away… but here is a promise from me, not spending another dime on this game… thank you


People spent their money expecting stamina. Not replacement items. They probably would have never dropped the cash for these other items. Also, the people who didn’t get the deal, are extra screwed over because now players who were able to level at an extreme rate to what others had to pay to play by your mistake, are now paying the larger price. A lot of people spent all of their stamina too. This is upsetting and will result in a mass spending strike.


Sorry to say, but your measures are not correct, if I go to a store, and the product is not correctly priced i get the product for the price that was tagged, taking it after is a fraudulent behavior, you guys are not being correct.
It was your mistake, we do not deserve to suffer the consequences for your error.
If something is taken from my account, I will report and claim my money back
Nothing compensates your mistake


What about people who didn’t get the offer ?


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


It is unfair people who did not receive the offer now get to watch as people who did and spent all of their stamina get even more perks.


How long is the downtime?

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I’m sorry what ? This is absolutely not acceptable. I paid for something and you are going to remove it ? I don’t care it was a bug. I paid for a content you’re not authorized to change it afterwards. If you want to remove my content, I want a refund. I’m a dedicated player and never complain about anything but this is unacceptable.

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