Server Merge Discussion: Servers 5-7

This thread is for questions and discussion about the upcoming server merge for Servers 5, 6 and 7.


This is it. We’re nearing the end. At the very least, maybe all of us Regulars will be on the same server eventually?

Also, small question. Will servers 8-20 be servers 6-18 now?


It won’t change the numbering for any of the other servers.


Will you shutdown this game ? Will be more merges in the game servers


Thank you sooo much!

Very clear instructions and great information about the merge and what to expect, really good job!

Really looking forward to a more active population!.. and as soon as next week :grimacing:


Are you going to shutdown this game ? Will you do merges in the game s servers? please dont flag this comment its including 2 major questions

Is this the end?

We are not planning to shut down the game. We’re doing the server merge to create a more active player population. I don’t have details, but it’s likely there will be more in the future.


I don’t want it shut down. I want it to stay


I don’t get one thing. You mentioned that characters and everything attached to them cannot be transfered to the destination account? Does that mean that people from servers 6 and 7 have to start it all again or I just got you wrong?

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All accounts will be moved to server 5 exactly as they are at the start of the merge. This transfer note is for players who have multiple accounts on multiple servers, and want to consolidate everything to a single account. This action is optional.


@Polaris which number will this server have now? 5?

As much as I want to do this myself, I have a question. What are your opinions on operating multiple accounts on potential mergers, each generating resources, in order to stack them? As a F2P player, it would be more beneficial for me to perform such act, though I’m not sure if it is considered a fair tactic.

Yes, Server 5 will be retained, with 6 and 7 being retired.


This will be interesting for sure, good luck to everyone on those servers :slight_smile:

Will invasion and challenges be paused for all servers, or just those involved in the merge?

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Just those involved in the merge.


We have turned off new account creation on server 6 and 7. Players who already have accounts on those servers are welcome to continue playing them with the plan to merge them. Be sure to check the list of what can and cannot be transferred when you make your plans.

@Polaris this concerns me

You have 2 weeks from when the merge completes to request a transfer, after which we will no longer offer account consolidation.

Won’t the merge take place on August 14th? It is August 5th right now and we are just now getting the news

The 2 weeks starts on August 14, so we’ll consolidate accounts until August 28. You don’t need to put in any requests now, and can wait until after the merge is complete.


Oh okay. I thought it meant before the merge