Servers 1/14 and 21/23 Merge Full Info Post

apparently S21 players were compensated for all the connection issues with 1 Diamond Crate?



As a S21 player, I haven’t received anything for compensation. Just my results of the previous War.
SPOILER ALERT: My Guild won!!

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I cannot figure out how to send a ticket so I can consolidate my accounts. Please help.

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This topic has all the information you should need:

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Yep you heard that right

I have sent multiple tickets from both destination and merge accounts and have seen no reply from support. Am I doing something wrong?


@Samm @Polaris
What is happening with account consolidation?
There are a few people who had really bad experiences and accounts were transferred wrong and people got removed from guilds?


Don’t send multiple ticket
Ticket will be processed in order
If you send new one, your ticket will be count as new so your ticket will be processed the last

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Was anyone else demoted in invasion? We were told we would be in the correct league. Yet I was actually demoted and they won’t fix the issue. They just keep saying it’s a display issue. Smh do better

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As if the rewards even mattered :roll_eyes:


I sent in my request almost a week ago (5 days to be exact), yet I haven’t heard from Perblue at all nor my accounts got merged

Is anyone in the same situation as me? Is the waiting period normal? People tell me to not send in a 2nd ticket and patiently wait but isn’t this too long?


The second you submit a 2nd ticket… you will have to wait even longer.


I sent my request on February 14th and until now my account consolidation has not happened. Why is this delay so absurd? We were told they would fix it on Monday and so far nothing. It’s the first time they’ve done this to us. We need our accounts consolidated ASAP please.

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Remember a few weeks back, when Samm became the new community manager? Loutre and Nugget weren’t the only people who parted ways with PerBlue at that time.

It’s a shame; between the Patch system, monthly special trials, and a very promising overhaul to the Guild War system, it looks like the devs were resolving some longstanding issues with the game, but apparently it didn’t lead to good enough numbers for management…

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Right, but where do we stand with regard to this? I have already sent more messages to support and do not give feedback. We make purchases, support the game and nothing happens. They have to remember that the customer is the most important thing!

Did anyone else ask for consolidation on the 14th or later and still not receive it?

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They were very clear to NOT send more messages though, so you probably got bumped to the bottom of the queue unfortunately…

The team is working through them but it is taking time
Remember that there were 2 server merges happening at the same time

Nothing from the 14th of February has been actioned yet

Just be patient


@Samm is this suppose to be closed now?


There is a difference between topics and announcements.

Announcements are posted by the support team to provide information about events, updates, mergers, etc. that is specific to a certain time.

These are always closed by the team when the event ends, the update is complete or the servers have been merged.

Topics are discussions created by players that are not closed after time and the general rule is that these should not be revived after a period of time.

This post is an ANNOUNCEMENT and therefore should be closed and Warrior was right to ask the team to close it.

Don’t be sour just because Warrior gave you guidance to not revive an old topic on another thread - it is not fun and you are just irritating people while they are trying to help you get more enjoyment from the game and forums

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