She is Stronk, Like Bull! - Luisa Madrigal (Likely Concept)

Luisa Madrigal (Encanto)

Tough and nigh unbreakable, Luisa Madrigal brings her nearly boundless strength to bear against the endless creep horde.
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Trial Team: Yellow

“I’m totally fine. The magic’s fine, Luisa’s fine…I’m totally not nervous.”


Basic Animations

Entrance: Luisa strolls confidently into frame. Once Donkey Toss is unlocked, Luisa strolls confidently into frame with 3 donkeys hoisted onto her left shoulder, which she promptly begins juggling in the air once or twice before hurling each donkey at a nearby enemy.

Basic Attack: Luisa grins and delivers a left jab followed by a punishing right uppercut.

Victory: Luisa thrusts both fists into the air triumphantly as a hammock, table, and umbrella drink glitch into existence right behind her. She then slumps into the hammock, exhausted, and toasts her team with the umbrella drink.

Defeat: Luisa looks at her hands in disbelief before pulling a watery face, flopping face-first into the ground, and wailing pitifully.


:white_circle: White Skill: Under Pressure (:sparkles:)

  • Passive: Each time Luisa is hit by a basic attack or ability, she gains 1 stack of Pressure. Each stack of Pressure reduces the damage she takes by 6%, to a maximum of 15 stacks.
  • Active: Luisa shouts with tremendous force, dealing X (determined by Basic Damage) Fantastic damage to all enemies and applying Shatter to them for 8 seconds. Shatter causes the target to take 8% of their maximum HP in True damage each time they take Fantastic damage (maximum of once every second).
    – This attack expends all of Luisa’s stacks of Pressure, and deals X (determined by Skill Power) additional Fantastic damage for each stack expended.
  • Animation: Luisa folds her arms into her body, curling into a ball, before breaking out into a wide power stance, shouting to the heavens with enough force to send powerful shockwaves across the screen. Luisa then exhales, relieved, before returning to her default stance.

:green_circle: Green Skill: Donkey Toss (:fist:)

  • At the start of each wave, Luisa arrives carrying 3 donkeys, which she then tosses at the 3 nearest enemies, dealing X (determined by Basic Damage) Normal damage to each target. Each hit deals additional damage equal to 80% of Luisa’s Reality.
    – Every 12 seconds, 3 more donkeys will appear beside Luisa, who picks them up and performs this attack again.
  • Animation: At the start of a wave, see Entrance animation. On cooldown, 3 donkeys glitch into existence beside Luisa, who hoists all of them up into the air, juggling them once or twice before hurling each of them at the targets.

:large_blue_circle: Blue Skill: Keep It Together

  • Each time Luisa reaches 10 stacks of Pressure, she is healed for X (determined by Basic Damage) HP and her Armor and Reality are permanently increased by X (determined by Skill Power).
  • Animation: Luisa groans exasperatedly before slapping the sides of her face like a boxer preparing for a match, then returns to her default stance.

:purple_circle: Purple Skill: Drip Drip Drip…

  • For each stack of Pressure on Luisa, her Basic Damage is increased by X (determined by Skill Power) and her Reality is increased by X (determined by Skill Power). This buff persists for 4 seconds after Luisa uses Under Pressure.

:red_circle: Red Skill: The Family’s Bearer of Burden (:sparkles:)

  • Luisa gains 10% Attack Speed per stack of Pressure. This buff persists for 4 seconds after Luisa uses Under Pressure.
  • Enemies are Distracted by Luisa for 14 seconds at the start of each wave. When a Distracted enemy hits Luisa, she gains 3 stacks of Pressure. The Distract has a chance to fail on enemies above level X.
  • Luisa’s basic attacks deal additional Fantastic damage equal to 50% of her Reality.
    +X Basic Damage
    +X Reality
    +X damage to each hit of Donkey Toss

Friend Disk Campaigns

:pirate_flag: Disk #1 - "Water Pressure"
There’s trouble down by the Port–it seems some small disagreement has spiraled out of control, leading Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew to make war with Captain Hector Barbossa and his crew. Again. So now the waters surrounding the City have become a nonstop battleground. Again. Luisa is among the tiny handful of heroes tasked with putting down this outbreak of pirate panic, and already she can feel the heavy weight of expectation bearing down on her. She is approached by one Davy Jones, who has a vested interest in removing the squabbling seamen from his waters, and who sees an opportunity in forging a convenient alliance. Luisa is suspicious of this strange man and his tentacular appearance, and the rumors she’s heard about him give credence to her hesitation to work with him, but Davy Jones, quite honestly, assures the young woman that he has no intentions of betraying her trust if her mission is to bring Sparrow and Barbossa into custody–he will fight to the last to make sure they succeed. But he does conveniently leave out the fact that, once their mission is accomplished, the Ports will be in even greater peril…

  • Partner:
    – Davy Jones
  • Allies:
    – Ariel (who, along with the local marine life, creates a large whirlpool in which to trap the pirate vessels)
    – Maui (who uses his fearsome shark head to bash great big holes into the enemy ships, immobilizing them further)
    – Captain Amelia (who leads a fighter ship out to engage the pirates in close combat)
  • Level Up:
    +X Basic Damage
    +X Reality to Luisa and allies
  • Stars:
    Keep It Together also removes 4 (+1 per additional star) random debuffs from Luisa.
    Allies who hit a Shattered enemy with basic attacks or skills have their Skill Power increased by 5% (+5% per additional star) for 10 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.

:derelict_house: Disk #2 - "Controlled Demolition"
Luisa is just so used to helping others run difficult errands that she never even thought about the fact that she just doesn’t know the City that well yet. Just as she feared, she encounters a large wave of creeps, seemingly seeping out of every nook and cranny of the narrow alleyway. Normally it would be short work to take them out, but in these close quarters, she’d risk dealing incredible amounts of damage to people’s homes. Just then, from a nearby rooftop, Esmeralda rappels down into the alley, directing a skillful stream of fire spray to de-rezz every creep in sight. Luisa thanks her rescuer, and after some introductions, she asks the streetwise acrobat about the techniques she uses to fight in such confined spaces. Esmeralda agrees to teach her new companion, adding that this part of the City is brimming with shady characters, and she’ll be getting in some valuable experience with close-quarters combat as they make their way to more familiar territory.

  • Partner:
    – Esmeralda
  • "Allies":
    – Randall Boggs
    – Dr. Facilier
    – Mr. Big & Koslov
  • Level Up:
    +X Armor
    +X Reality
    Luisa and her allies deal X increased damage to Distracted enemies
  • Stars:
    Enemies hit by Donkey Toss are Distracted by Luisa for 6 (+1 per additional star) seconds.
    Luisa throws 1 (+1 per additional star) additional donkeys with Donkey Toss. These additional donkeys target enemies at random.
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